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14 Feb 2019

2019 World Matchplay Championship

The 2019 short format World Championship is renamed the World Matchplay Billiards Championship, inheriting the name of a WPBSA billiards tournament which took place up until 2002 (see below).

This will be played under the 100-up, multiple games format with modified rules (see here). It will take place between 22nd and 26th of April 2019 in Leeds and will be preceded by the UK Open and a Qualifying Tournament.

There will also be a new Women’s Matchplay event.

The cut off point for the Order of Merit for WBL nominated entries will be 1st February (following the Scottish Open).

Seeding will be based on the Ranking List as at 1st April (following the English Open).

See here for the prize money breakdown. For the entry criteria click here.

To enter for the World Matchplay click here. The top 64 players in the Order of Merit are invited to register as are all former and current world champions (all formats). Other players interested in competing should email Jim Leacy (jim@ivyrooms.ie) or Jason Colebrook (jason1953@live.com).

To enter for the UK Open, click here. To see who has registered, click here.


Players requiring accommodation must stay at the Holiday Inn Express. the agreed rate is ÂŁ69 per night. Book here.

The booking site may show cheaper rates, but these have to be paid for at the time of booking and there are no refunds.

The World Matchplay Billiards Championship took place between 1989 and 2002 and the winners were:

1989Mike Russell[150up]
1990Mike Russell[150up]
1996Mike Russell[150up]
1997Robby Foldvari[100up]
1998Mike Russell[100up]
1999Geet Sethi[Timed]
2000Peter Gilchrist[Long Up]
2001Mike Russell[Timed]
2002Chris Shutt[Timed]

Our own short format champions are as follows:

2012Rupesh Shah[150up]
2013David Causier[150up]
2014Pankaj Advani[150up]
2015David Causier[150up]
2016David Causier[100up]
2017David Causier[100up]