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16 Apr 2018

Singapore Asian Grand Prix

Asian Grand Prix Entry Form

We are pleased to announce that the Asian Grand Prix will proceed in Singapore from June 2nd to June 6th. The event will carry $7500 (Singapore) prize money and be a level 5 World Ranking Event with double ranking points. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances we are limited to the use of three tables at the Singapore Cuesports Academy. This means that the size of round-robin groups and the length of round-robin matches will be dictated by entry numbers (it is possible there will be groups of four players and matches of three games in the round-robin stage). The format will be 100-up. Players will be required to referee matches for other players during both the round-robin and early knock-out stages, up to the quarter-finals. Referee duties will be indicated on the playing schedule.

World Billiards thanks Cuesports Singapore for overcoming some issues that presented themselves and hosting this premiere event. The entry form will be available very soon. It is now safe for players to commit to travel arrangements. A recommendation for accommodation will be announced.

UPDATE (18th April)

There will be a players briefing at the Academy on Friday June 1st, from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. There will be a buffet dinner reception for players following the meeting.