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Jason Colebrook

Jason qualified as a WPBSA Billiards coach and examiner in September 2017.

I first picked up a cue at Monash University in 1971 (and barely attended a lecture for the next three years). Billiards hooked me from my first game – there’s something artistic and creative about it that I love.

Over the years I have had the great privilege of spending many hours with the likes of Tom Cleary, Jim Long, Robby Foldvari, David Collins, Danik Lucas, Matthew Bolton and Peter Gilchrist; and have picked up ideas, shots and suggestions from all of them. Billiards players never, ever stop learning. I regard the key to my billiards knowledge is that, from early on, I was always able to realise when I had just seen a shot for the first time, and was always prepared to approach that player after the match and ask him about it. Billiard players love to share their knowledge!

I do not claim to be a great technician or cueist, but my billiards knowledge has helped me set a Ballarat interclub record break of 228, and to win one World Ranking Event and Final of the Oceania Championships.

I particularly enjoy working with students who already have some basic knowledge of the game and who wish to improve their break building strategies by learning sequences of shots (including top-of-the-table play, and how to get there with minimal risk).

One-off lessons, just to get a few tips, are ok – but I prefer to work with a student, over a period of time, who will practice the shots and strategies we discuss.

If you are a competent cueist, then with my billiards knowledge we may just make a great team! If I feel that your technique is holding you back, I will likely refer you to another coach to work on that part of your game before we work on your billiards knowledge.

I will coach in Ballarat or Melbourne.

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