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Vivek Pathak

Vivek Pathak

Vivek started as a player of  Billiards who progressively entered into snooker, pool and carambole and  also got involved in other disciplines of cue sports.

With a vision to promote and spread cue sports within India and feature Indian activities in other parts of the globe, he founded Cue Sports India on the April 19, 2006. He is presently Chairman of Cue Sports India and  lives in New Delhi, India.

Additionally he is an appointed Media Officer for the International Billiards and Snooker Federation where in addition to his other duties, he is the primary contact point between the sport and the global media.

During his playing hours, he uses an Omin Cue (Perfect) 17.5 Oz, 3-Quarter.

His high break in Billiards is 112 and in snooker 67.

Apart from Billiards, driving is another passion.