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Trevor Thorn

Trevor Thorn

Trevor Thorn

Trevor qualified as a WPBSA World Billiards Coach in September 2016 and can be contacted here.

Trevor, as many do, returned to billiards later in life having married and had two children.

Trevor played for Aldershot in the Southern Counties Billiard League back in the 80’s and later for England Seniors.

He made the quarter final twice in the Grand Masters and semi final once.

Trevor has a top practice break of 163 and a highest match break of 91, he plays with his fathers cue that he thinks is a Powerglide.

Having an all round interest in sport, Trevor follows Aldershot football team and is a member of Hampshire Cricket Club.

Retiring after 46 years at Southern Electric, Trevor wants to get involved in Billiard Coaching with WBL to help in getting the young involved.