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Roxton Chapman

Roxton Chapman

Roxton Chapman

Roxton ‘Rocky’ Chapman is a former professional billiard player and a WPBSA World Billiards Coach. He can be contacted here.

He attained a world ranking of 7th in the early 1990’s. He resigned his professional status in 2007 following the collapse of the professional tour in order to concentrate on his career.

He won the UK Championship title in 1999 as a professional and came out of retirement to win the resurrected LITEtask UK Open in 2015, narrowly failing to retain the title in 2016 when defeated in the final.

Roxton was one of the founder members of EBOS in 2004 and remains as Honorary President of World Billiards Ltd to this day. He is also involved in the recently announced World Billiards Coaching Scheme.

He is a wireless IT expert, and lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife and two children.

His Twitter profile is @RoxtonUK.