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Roger Davies

Roger with his very first cue (2 ft)

Roger has been playing for 60 years. Very keen but unfortunately (he says)  NO talent.
He has had the good fortune to spend many happy hours watching his pal Jack Karnehm “show me” how it should be done!

Having lived in Spain for over 20 years he is about to retire, hoping that his billiards and golf will consequently improve.

Roger plays with the cue that won Jack Karnehm the World Amateur Championship and the UK Professional Championship.  It has an Elkmaster tip fitted with a wafer (like in the old days). He says that it seems to have lost its magic. The picture shows Roger with his very first cue – all of 2 ft long !

Without doubt, he is one of the most popular (and knowledgeable) guys in the game and has one of the finest collections of billiard memorabilia in  Europe.


Interests – Billiards, golf, bridge, eating  out and sleeping.

Highest break 98, lowest handicap at golf  7.