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22 Aug 2016

2016 World Championship Prize Money

Prize money for the 2016 LITEtask World Billiards Championship will be as follows:

.   .    x                =
WINNER   £3,200.00    1 £3,200.00
RUNNER UP £1,600.00    1 £1,600.00
SEMIS   £800.00    2 £1,600.00
QUARTERS £400.00    4 £1,600.00
LAST 16   £200.00    8 £1,600.00
HIGH BREAK £1 Per Point    1 £TBC

With two events, and estimating a total of £800 for the highest break (over both events) there is a total of £20,000 prize money available.

In addition to the above, LITEtask have agreed to transfer their offer of £10,000 for a 1000 break made under the Baulkline Rule (which was initially earmarked for a Master event) over to the Timed World Championship as the Masters will not now take place until next year. 

Should this feat be achieved more than once the prize money will be split equally between the players concerned.

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