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16 Sep 2017

Coaching Course


On Thursday 21st September our first coaching course outside of the UK will take place at the Yarraville Club in Australia. This is not only the first World Billiards course outside of the UK, but is also the first time WPBSA have sanctioned a non-UK coaching course for billiards or snooker.

We hope that this is the forerunner to more such courses in other countries.

Martin Goodwill is currently in Australia training their first coach-examiner ready for the 21st September. Following this Australia will be self sufficient and be able to organise their own future courses and qualify their own billiards coaches.

See here for further details on the Billiards Australia website.

Another UK course is planned for 9th & 10th December; details will be available soon.

11 Sep 2017

2017 World Open


for the Jim Williamson Memorial Trophy

Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd October 2017


The 2017 ‘World Open‘ will take place on Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd October 2017 at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds and will act as a warm-up tournament to the World Championships.

The entry fee is £40. Click here to enter.

Click here to see who has entered.

See here for important information about entering events.

Prize money will be guaranteed £2000+.


Entries will close in:

at 13:00UTC on FRIDAY 13th October



Sponsored by:



8 Sep 2017

2017 World Championship Entry Criteria


The entry criteria for the 2017 LITEtask World Billiards Championship will be as follows;

A All former & defending World Billiards Champions (WPBSA / IBSF / WBL)
B Champion (Oceania) [Matthew Bolton]
C Runner-Up (Asia) [Sourav Kothari]
D Semi-Finalist (Europe) [Nalin Patel]
E Runner-Up (America) [Rob Hall]
F Disability nomination [TBC]
G 8 Nominations from each NGB + 1 Junior + 1 Lady Player
H Women’s Nomination
I 32 players from the final 2016/17 WBL Order of Merit
J A minimum of 4 Qualifiers from a 1 day Qualification Tournament


  • Spots are generally awarded in chronological order, ie the order in which they are won. This is done in case a player wins multiple spots. For example, if the same player wins the World Championship and then the Asian Championship that player would get the World Champion spot (as this was won first) and the Asian spot would be offered to the runner up in the Asian Championship.
  • Regional championships are used to determine spots where they exist (Asia & Oceania). Where they do not exist (Europe & America) we use our own open major events instead.
  • The 32 players from the 2016/17 WBL Order of Merit (I) will be players who have not already qualified from A-H (see list below).
  • The number of players taken from the Qualification Tournament will depend on the number required to make all groups in the main events equal, however a minimum of 4 players will qualify.
  • The Qualification Tournament will be open to all players who feature on the 2016/17 WBL Order of Merit and any players who are members of, and supported by an NGB.
  • Defending champions will be seeded number 1 in each competition, subsequent seeding will be based on the WBL Ranking List as at 31st August 2017.


WBL Top 32
Below is a list of who will be nominated as part of the WBL allocation of players. The qualification route is stated next to the player where it is known.

This list will evolve as players are nominated by their NGBs or decline their invitation and the WBL nominations will then go further down the list accordingly.

1 Singapore Peter Gilchrist World Champion
2 England Mike Russell World Champion
3 England David Causier World Champion
4 England Robert Hall Regional Nomination (America)
5 England Martin Goodwill WBL 1
6 India Dhruv Sitwala WBL 2
7 England Robert Marshall WBL 3
8 Australia Matthew Bolton Regional Nomination (Oceania)
9 England Ryan Mears NGB [EASB]
10 India Dhvaj Haria WBL 4
11 England Jonathan Marwood WBL 5
12 England Phil Mumford WBL 6
13 England Nalin Patel Regional Nomination (Europe)
14 England Steve Brookshaw WBL 7
15 England Darren Clark WBL 8
16 England Phil Davis WBL 9
17 England Robin Wilson WBL 10
18 England Roxton Chapman WBL 11
19 India Devendra Joshi WBL 12
20 India Siddharth Parikh WBL 13
21 England Mark Hirst WBL 14
22 England Chris Coumbe WBL 15
23 England Ian Williamson WBL 16
24 India Rupesh Shah World Champion
25 England Brian Harvey WBL 17
26 Australia Jason Colebrook WBL 18
27 Australia Michael Pearson WBL 19
28 England Peter Shelley WBL 20
29 Scotland Paul McGowan WBL 21
30 Scotland Alan Shepherd WBL 22
31 Australia Peter Tankard WBL 23
32 Singapore Glenn Yeo WBL 24
33 India Alok Kumar WBL 25
34 Australia Todd Hayward WBL 26
35 Scotland Jamie Jenkins WBL 27
36 Jersey David Nichols WBL 28
37 England Arthur Winn WBL 29
38 Ireland Wayne Doyle WBL 30
39 Canada Fraser Durham WBL 31
40 India Raja Subramanian WBL 32
41 England Gary Norman
42 England Eddie Fielding
43 India Hitesh Kotwani
44 Australia George Chammas
45 Australia Ben Judge
46 India Sourav Kothari Regional Nomination (Asia)
47 Australia David Collins
48 England Adam Clarke
49 England Nathan Mann
50 England Eddie Duggan
51 Scotland Calum Hossack
52 Australia Graeme Wright
53 Austria Carl Walter Steiner
54 India Sushrut Pandia
55 Australia Steve Mifsud
56 Canada Rick Kendall
57 Canada Dave Blacklaw
58 England Chris Mitchell
59 England Emma Bonney
60 Australia Joe Minici
61 Canada Guy Smith
62 Australia Rod Nelson
63 Australia Don Richter
64 England Stephen Kershaw
65 England Gary Rogers
66 Canada Garry Marshall
67 Canada Steve Jones
68 Canada Stephen Kingyens
69 India Shekhar Surve
70 New Zealand Wayne Carey NGB [NZBSA]
71 Australia Hassan Kerde
72 New Zealand Peter DeGroot
73 Malaysia Adwin Teh
74 Australia David Pitt
75 Australia Frank Humphreys
76 Canada Kevin Augusta
77 Canada Rick Hutcheon
78 Vietnam Kien Nguyen Trung
79 Australia Danik Lucas
80 Canada Alan Senkiw
81 England Stephen Stokes
82 England Peter Johnson
83 Australia Charlie Lowe
84 Scotland Dave Sneddon
85 Wales Peter Stanyer
86 England Paul Devitt
87 Vietnam Nam Pham Hoai
88 Canada Jules Mortinson
89 Australia Raj Das
90 New Zealand Paul Wereta
91 Scotland Jim Burke
92 Ireland Aonghus McAnally
93 Australia Adrian Hinks
94 England Stephen Crosland
95 Ireland Aidan Murray
96 Australia Peter Udycz
97 Australia Grant Meadley
98 Australia David Cosgriff
99 Australia Steve Bagshaw
100 England Ryan Davies
101 England Nigel Ward
102 Canada Bill Smith
103 India Kaavya Bharath
104 Vietnam DoHoa Long
105 Australia Shawn Budd
106 England Chris Taylor
107 Scotland Thomas McFarlane
108 Australia Michael Newman
109 Australia Shannon Dixon
110 Australia Brian Moulday
111 England Phillip Welham
112 England Sam Walker
113 England Simon Snee
114 Northern Ireland Tommy Hunter
115 Scotland Stevie Angus
116 Canada Grant Thiessen
117 New Zealand Mark Taylor
118 England Mick White
119 England Billy Bousfield
120 Australia Darren Royle
121 Australia Ian Gilbee
121 Indonesia Rudy Sulaeman
123 Canada Mark Buchan
124 Australia Max Rendziak
125 England Gaye Jones
126 Australia Alex Kay
127 England David Atkinson
128 Australia Charlie Chafe



7 Sep 2017

2017/18 Calendar of Events

See below for dates for the 2017/18 season:

  2017     Level Pts Status
#1 SEP 01-03 IB&SA Illawarra Open Illawarra, Australia 3 x1  Results
#2 SEP 06-09 Cashmere Christchurch City Open Christchurch, NZ 2 x0.75  Results
#3 SEP 10-13 NZBSA New Zealand Open Christchurch, NZ 2 x0.75  Results
OCT 20 World Championship Qualifier Leeds, England n/a n/a  Confirmed
#4 OCT 21-22 JWM World Open Leeds, England 3 x1  Confirmed
#5 OCT 23-27 LITEtask World Championship [S] Leeds, England 5 x2  Confirmed
OCT 26 LITEtask World Women’s Championship Leeds, England n/a n/a  Confirmed
#6 OCT 28-01 LITEtask World Championship [L] Leeds, England 5 x2  Confirmed
#7 NOV 10-12 QBSA Queensland Open Brisbane, Australia TBC TBC  TBC
#8 DEC 02-03 British Open Bradford, England 3 x1  Confirmed
#9 JAN 27-28 Scottish Open Kirkcaldy, Scotland 3 x1  Confirmed
#10 MAR 30-02 UK Open Leeds, England 4 x1.5  Confirmed
#11 APR 28-29 English Open Cambridge, England 3 x1  Confirmed
#12 MAY TBC Billiards Australia NSW Open NSW, Australia TBC TBC  TBC
#13 MAY 19-20 RIBSA Irish Open Carlow, Ireland 3 x1  Confirmed
#14 MAY 21-24 European Open Carlow, Ireland 5 x2  Confirmed
#15 MAY TBC Austrian Open Vienna, Austria TBC TBC  TBC
#16 JUN TBC Asian Grand Prix Singapore 5 x2  TBC
#17 JUN 12-15 ABSC Pacific International Melbourne, Australia 5 x2  Confirmed
#18 AUG 18-19 HIBSF NSC Open Leeds, England 2 x0.75  Confirmed
      2018/19 Season        
  OCT 19-31 World Billiards Championship TBC 5 x2  TBC

Please note: only when dates are confirmed on this website are they fully confirmed. Please do not book travel or accommodation on the basis of having seen dates for events published elsewhere. If the event ‘STATUS’ column above is marked as ‘TBC’ then there is a reason.

Dates subject to change. Please check back for further details as they are confirmed.

19 Aug 2017

International Call for Referees


To: National Governing Bodies, Regional Federations and Billiards Referees.

The above event will take place at the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds, England from Friday 20th October until Wednesday 1st November.
This includes a Qualifying Competition, the World Open (Jim Williamson Memorial), the World Women’s Championship and of course the dual format World Championship.

We are looking for a total of 20 officials, from which a tournament committee of four plus 16 referees will be selected. All referees must be certificated by, and current members of their respective NGB and will be required to wear their full NGB uniform at all times; additional logos will be at the discretion of World Billiards.

Accommodation will be provided on a twin sharing basis with breakfast and one other meal per day. The hotel is adjacent to the venue.

Requests for upgrades and Class 3 exams will be scheduled at appropriate times. All such requests must be approved by the candidate’s NGB; private arrangements are not permissible.

All expressions of interest should be sent to:

Dan Lewis (Referees Liaison) dmkl@hotmail.co.uk
Steve Cowie (Tournament Controller) stevecowie@illawarrasnooker.com
Steve Lock (WBL Director of Tournaments) stephenml10@hotmail.com

World Billiards Ltd.

World Billiards




Officials confirmed so far:

1 Al Thede Canada
2 Brendan Devlin Ireland
3 Colin Whitelaw Scotland
4 CW Steiner Austria
5 Dan Lewis England
6 Derek Budde England
7 John Kehoe Ireland
8 John Squires England
9 John Wilde England
10 Kevin Christie Ireland
11 Martin O’Reilly England
12 Paul Cosgriff Australia
13 Philip N Brooke England
14 Randy Morningstar Canada (Tournament Controller)
15 Steve Cowie Australia
16 Vic Hartley England

10 Aug 2017

2017 NSC Open



The 2017 Northern Snooker Centre Open has been won by Rob Hall who defeated Dave Causier in the final.

For all results see here.

For a full report on the Cue View website see here


7 Aug 2017

The 2017 LITEtask World Billiards Championship

THE 2017

Litetask logo(2)


In Association with Northern Snooker Centre


The 2017 LITEtask World Billiards Championship will take place between Friday 20th October and Wednesday 1st November 2017 at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds.

This will be the 6th time the Northern Snooker Centre have hosted the World Championship under the auspices of World Billiards Ltd. We are grateful for their continued support and to LITEtask for their generous and ongoing sponsorship.

Further details will be available here as they are confirmed. It is expected that arrangements will remain very similar to those of previous years.

International Call for Referees


World Open (Jim Williamson)




2 Aug 2017

New IDC Appointment

We are delighted to welcome Mike Peachey on to the International Development Committee representing the Oceania region.

Mike Peachey


As most of you will know, Jason Colebrook held this position for a number of years and with his recent appointment to the Board of Directors the Oceania place on the IDC has become vacant.

Many of you will know Mike from his many past administrative roles which are too numerous to list here. Suffice to say he has served on everything from his local state association in Western Australia right through to the World Confederation of Billiards Sports.

Mike is well respected within the cue sports world and we know he will bring his vast experience and knowledge to the table for the benefit of billiards.

We are excited to welcome Mike to the team, and look forward to working with him.


28 Jun 2017

New Board Appointment

Jason Colebrook

World Billiards Ltd has today appointed Jason Colebrook from Australia on to the board of directors.

As many of you will know, Jason has served on our International Development Committee for some time and has been working tirelessly for the sport in his home region of Oceania. This has paved the way for him to take up a full board position.

Jason has been instrumental in securing the recent Pacific International in Melbourne which is our first major tournament in the Oceania region, as well as numerous other events on the World Billiards calendar. He is President of Billiards Australia, an organisation he recently helped set up, and billiards co-ordinator of his state association VBSA.
He also has the backing of his National Governing Body ABSC for this appointment.

We welcome Jason to the board and very much look forward to working with him on future projects.

7 Jun 2017

2017 Oceania Tour Events


As you may have seen from the Calendar of Events we have a number of tournaments taking place during 2017 in Australia and New Zealand.

Details are as follows:



SnookerSA-Logo-large2… The South Australian OpenSA Billiards

4th & 5th February 2017

The Venue
57 Milner Road, Richmond, SA 5033, Australia

Level 3 (x1)

Prize Money: $3600AUD (£2000+).

Matthew Bolton pips Peter Gilchrist in an exciting final. Results here.

This tournament was preceded by a Friday Flyer played under the short format with modified rules.



BSANSW        The Sydney OpenHornsby RSL

21st – 23rd April 2017

Hornsby RSL
4 High Street, Hornsby, NSW 2077, Australia

Level 4 (x1.5)

Prize Money: $5400AUD (£3000+)

Entry Fee: $80AUD

A new tournament on both the World and Australian domestic calendar.

Gilchrist exacts his revenge on Matthew Bolton. Results here.



…   .The 2017 Australian OpenYarraville Club2ABSC

13th – 16th June 2017

Yarraville Club
135 Stephen St, Yarraville, Victoria 3013, Australia

Level 5 (x2) Major World Ranking Event

Prize Money: $12500AUD (£7000)

For latest results, click here.  The final will be streamed LIVE on Cueball TV.

The Australian Open is the regional major event for Oceania. It joins the European Open and Americas Cup as our biggest events outside of the World Championship.

This tournament will be preceded by the Lance Pannell Snooker Classic on 10th – 12th June which is an Australian snooker ranking tournament and is open to anyone to enter. It is expected that this event will also have significant prize money available. Obviously anyone travelling to the Pacific International who also plays snooker could play in this event. Keep an eye here for further details, and see here for results from last years event.

Following the Australian Open is the Australian National Billiards Championship which as the name suggests is a closed event, open to Australian citizens only.


?     2017/18 SEASON     ?


Illawarra BSA        The Illawarra Open

1st – 3rd September 2017

Venue: TBC

Level: TBC

Prize Money: TBC

Entry Fee: TBC

Entry Pack: TBC


This tournament was inaugurated in 2016; to see these results click here.



cbsa        The Cashmere Christchurch City Open

6th – 9th September 2017MikePero

Venue: TBC,
Christchurch, New Zealand

Level: TBC

Prize Money: TBC

Entry Fee: TBC

Entry Pack: TBC


A World Ranking event since 2015, the Christchurch City Open is a long standing tournament on the New Zealand billiards calendar.


NZBSA          The New Zealand Open

10th – 13th September 2017

Venue: TBC, New Zealand

Level: TBC

Prize Money: TBC

Entry Fee: TBC

Entry Pack: TBC


The New Zealand Open has a history dating back several decades; it has been a World Ranking event since 2014.


QBSA..   The Queensland OpenTattersall's Brisbane

10th – 12th November 2017

Tattersall’s Club
215 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia

Level: TBC

Prize Money: TBC

Entry Fee: TBC

Entry Pack: TBC


The Queensland Open is a long standing event on the Australian calendar and will now carry World Ranking points for the first time.



Billiards Australia


These events have been made possible largely due to the efforts of our Oceania representative on the International Development Committee and Billiards Australia, President Jason Colebrook from Australia and Wayne Carey from New Zealand, both of whom have worked tirelessly over the last few years to bring these events to fruition.

Although Wayne has now retired from active involvement in running the New Zealand events, the ground work he put in over recent years was invaluable in securing world ranking status for these tournaments.

Our thanks to both Jason and Wayne for their hard work, and also to their respective NGBs: ABSC and NZBSA for their cooperation and support in making these events possible.