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20 Apr 2018

2018 White Roofing English Open

The 2018 

English Open

For the Ron Agnew trophy

The 2018 White Roofing English Open will take place at Cambridge Snooker Centre on Saturday & Sunday 28th & 29th April.

Entries are now CLOSED.

To see who has entered see here.

For important info about entering events see here.

Prize money will be £2000+.


Entries are now CLOSED.

16 Apr 2018

Singapore Asian Grand Prix

Asian Grand Prix Entry Form

We are pleased to announce that the Asian Grand Prix will proceed in Singapore from June 2nd to June 6th. The event will carry $7500 (Singapore) prize money and be a level 5 World Ranking Event with double ranking points. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances we are limited to the use of three tables at the Singapore Cuesports Academy. This means that the size of round-robin groups and the length of round-robin matches will be dictated by entry numbers (it is possible there will be groups of four players and matches of three games in the round-robin stage). The format will be 100-up. Players will be required to referee matches for other players during both the round-robin and early knock-out stages, up to the quarter-finals. Referee duties will be indicated on the playing schedule.

World Billiards thanks Cuesports Singapore for overcoming some issues that presented themselves and hosting this premiere event. The entry form will be available very soon. It is now safe for players to commit to travel arrangements. A recommendation for accommodation will be announced.

UPDATE (18th April)

There will be a players briefing at the Academy on Friday June 1st, from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. There will be a buffet dinner reception for players following the meeting.

2 Mar 2018

2018 UK Open

The 2018 UK Open

in association with Northern Snooker Centre



The 2018 UK Open will take place at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds between Friday 30th March and Monday 2nd April.

Entries are now CLOSED.

To see who has entered click here.

For up-to-date information on the tournament, as usual refer to the results site. However we are testing a new version of this which is better for mobiles and tablets. Click here for this.

See here for prize money breakdown.



19 Feb 2018

2018 Club Marconi Sydney Open

The 2018 Club Marconi Sydney Open Billiards Championship

brought to you by

Congratulations Peter Gilchrist, defeating Michael Pearson in the final. High break was 332 by Peter.

14 Jan 2018

2018 Scottish Open

The 2018 Scottish Open

in association with

R.B. Grant Electrical, Finesse
& Rogerson Plumbing & Heating


For the Elden Cup

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th January


Peter Gilchrist wins again by defeating Robert Marshall 521 – 256. See here for full results.

The 2018 Scottish Open took place at Styx, Kirkcaldy on Saturday & Sunday 27th & 28th January.

This fantastic new venue promises to feature again on the WBL calendar.

This was a level 3 World Ranking tournament with £2000+ prize money.


Hugh Elden

Hugh Elden


The Scottish Open trophy is named the Elden Cup in memory of Hugh Elden who represented Scotland in the 2013 World Team Championship and won the 2014 Scottish Championship. Hugh sadly passed away in 2015.

For more information about Hugh see here.


Our sponsors:




14 Dec 2017

2018 South Australian Open

THE 2018 


in association with


The 2018 South Australian Open will take place on 10th & 11th February at The Venue, Richmond, Adelaide, South Australia.

This will be a level 3 World Ranking tournament with $3600AUD total prize money.

For more details and to enter this tournament please click here.

12 Dec 2017

Latest Coaching Course

Our latest Coaching Course took place over the weekend of 9th & 10th December 2017 at the Winchester Club in Leicester.

Ten people qualified as new WPBSA World Billiards coaches, bringing the total number up to 42 worldwide.

Our head of coaching Martin Goodwill put together a two day course covering how to coach the basics of the game. He was assisted by Peter Gilchrist, Rob Hall and WPBSA child protection officer Chris Motley.

Course participants had to pass a pre-course online exam, plus three practical exams on day two of the course.


Congratulations to new coaches (L-R) Jim Burke, Antony Cooke, David Nichols, Roy Smith, Peter Gilchrist, Arthur Winn, Ian Cotter, Rob Hall, Glenn Yeo and Victor Yeong pictured with Head of Coaching Martin Goodwill (far left) and club managers Mukesh & Svetlana Parmar (centre).


Martin Goodwill examining Arthur Winn’s coaching technique


See links below for further information:

Introduction to the WPBSA World Billiards Coaching Scheme

List of current WPBSA World Billiards Coaches

September 2016 course (UK)

September 2017 course (Australia)

Find a coach (map)



4 Dec 2017

2017/18 Calendar of Events

See below for dates for the 2017/18 season:

  2017     Level Pts  Status
#1 SEP 01-03 IB&SA Illawarra Open Illawarra, Australia 3 x1  Results
#2 SEP 06-09 Cashmere Christchurch City Open Christchurch, NZ 2 x0.75  Results
#3 SEP 10-13 NZBSA New Zealand Open Christchurch, NZ 2 x0.75  Results
SEP 21 WPBSA World Billiards Coaching Course Yarraville, Australia n/a n/a  Details
OCT 20 World Championship Qualifier Leeds, England n/a n/a  Results
#4 OCT 21-22 JWM World Open Leeds, England 3 x1  Results
#5 OCT 23-27 LITEtask World Championship [S] Leeds, England 5 x2  Results
OCT 26 LITEtask World Women’s Championship Leeds, England n/a n/a ¬†Results
#6 OCT 28-01 LITEtask World Championship [L] Leeds, England 5 x2  Results
#7 NOV 10-12 QBSA Queensland Open Brisbane, Australia 2 x0.75  Results
#8 DEC 02-03 LITEtask British Open Bradford, England 3 x1  Results
DEC 09-10 WPBSA World Billiards Coaching Course Leicester, England n/a n/a  Details
#9 JAN 27-28 Scottish Open Kirkcaldy, Scotland 3 x1 Results
#10 FEB 10-11 BSASA South Australian Open Adelaide, Australia 3 x1 Results
#11 MAR 30-02 LITEtask UK Open Leeds, England 4 x1.5 Results
#12 APR 06-08 Club Marconi Sydney Open Sydney, Australia 4 x1.5  Results
#13 APR 28-29 English Open Cambridge, England 3 x1  Confirmed
#14 MAY 19-20 LITEtask Irish Open Carlow, Ireland 3 x1  Confirmed
#15 MAY 21-24 LITEtask European Open Carlow, Ireland 5 x2  Confirmed
#16 MAY TBC Austrian Open Vienna, Austria TBC TBC  TBC
#17 JUN 02-06 Asian Grand Prix Singapore 5 x2  Confirmed
#18 JUN 12-15 Reventon Pacific International * Melbourne, Australia 5 x2  Confirmed
#19 AUG  18-19 HIBSF NSC Open Leeds, England 2 x0.75  Confirmed
      2018/19 Season        
AUG 31-02 IB&SA Illawarra Open Illawarra, Australia 3 x1  TBC
SEP 05-08 Christchurch Open Christchurch, NZ TBC TBC  TBC
SEP 09-12 NZBSA New Zealand Open Christchurch, NZ TBC TBC  TBC
  OCT 19-31 World Billiards Championship TBC 5 x2  TBC
  DEC  01-02 British Open Bradford, England  TBC TBC   TBC

* The Pacific International billiards event in Australia is part of a seven day billiards and snooker week. The billiards event is preceded by a three day Australian open snooker tournament, which anyone is able to enter.


Please note: only when dates are confirmed on this website are they fully confirmed. Please do not book travel or accommodation on the basis of having seen dates for events published elsewhere. If the event ‚ÄėSTATUS‚Äô column above is marked as ‚ÄėTBC‚Äô then there is a reason.

Dates subject to change. Please check back for further details as they are confirmed.

15 Nov 2017

2017 LITEtask British Open

THE 2017

Litetask logo(2)


In Association with


Dave Causier today won the LITEtask British Open at Q Gardens in Bradford with a 1240-114 demolition of Peter Gilchrist in the 90 minute final.

Bradford has proved to be good hunting ground for Causier, this being his eighth consecutive title at the venue.

Earlier in the tournament Causier compiled the SIX top breaks of tournament, including the highest of 572. See here for the tournament high break board.

For all results please see here.


6 Nov 2017

Coaching Workshop

A World Billiards Coaching Workshop was held at Cambridge Snooker Centre on Saturday 11th November.

The coaching team of John Inverarity, Phillip Welham & Trevor Thorn


This was lead by WPBSA World Billiards coach Phillip Welham who was assisted by John Inverarity and Trevor Thorn.

The coaching group


Eight students were coached the basics of the game plus some top of the table routines.










For details of how to become a qualified WPBSA World Billiards coach see here.