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13 Jan 2016

2016 LITEtask Scottish Open


in association with Bell Group

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for the Elden Cup

The Elden Cup

The Elden Cup

Hugh Elden

Hugh Elden

This was another great tournament won by the World Champ – Dave Causier, who defeated Phil Mumford 615-343. This had close semi-final matches where Peter Gilchrist and Steve Brookshaw exited.



Plaudits to Dave Causier

The 2016 LITEtask Scottish Open occurred at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on 30th & 31st January.


The new Scottish Open trophy is named the Elden Cup in memory of Hugh Elden who represented Scotland in the 2013 World Team Championship and won the 2014 Scottish Championship but sadly passed away in 2015. For more information about Hugh see here.

For results click here and for group tables click here.



2015 LITEtask British Open


In association with Cue Gardens

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Dave Causier has done it again, winning the LITEtask British Open at Cue Gardens in Bradford today. In a repeat of the recent world championship final Dave defeated Peter Gilchrist 821-343 with breaks of 122, 120, 105, 168, 146 & 108unf.

Dave Causier

Dave Causier

Following the final, LITEtask managing director Mark Pears made some important announcements regarding the new Masters event, details of which you can see here.

The Plate Flyer was won by the rapidly improving Chris Coumbe who beat Alan Shepherd in the final. See link below for full results.

Our thanks to LITEtask and Cue Gardens for their generous support of this tournament.

Quick links:

Draw & Playing Schedule (PDF)

Group Draw & Tables

Sessions & Results

Results Summary

Last 16 KO Draw

Plate Results

Cue Gardens

The 2015 LITEtask World Billiards Championship

Note: checkout the recordings on our Media page !

THE 2015

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In Association with Northern Snooker Centre


the Causiers

(photo courtesy of CW Steiner)
The 2015 World Billiards Championship took place at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds, England sponsored by LITEtask Ltd in association with Northern Snooker Centre.

Dave Causier achieved a lifelong ambition today by adding the long format World Championships to the short format event he won last week. He made it a clean sweep as he had also won the Jim Williamson Memorial which acts as the curtain raiser to the World Championship. This is the first time this treble has been achieved. 


Dave with Mark Pears (LITEtask), Jim Leacy (WBL) and Eugene O’Connor (Tournament Dir).

 Further information:

Long up (Results)

150-up (Results)

World Ladies Championship (Results)

Jim Williamson Memorial (Results)

Prize Money


Worlds Logos

2015 World Ladies Championship

The Ladies World Billiards Championship has taken place at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds with Emma Bonney claiming her 10th World Title. Emma defeated Rochy Woods in the final 334-119 which included a break of 79; the highest of the tournament.

Emma Bonney receiving her 10th World Ladies Billiards Championship trophy from World Billiards Chairman Alan Chamberlain

This WLBSA event was the 18th staging of this event in its current form. For full results see here.

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Click here to see a history of the World Ladies Billiards Championship.

2015 Jim Williamson Memorial

The 2015 Jim Williamson Memorial World Open was won by Dave Causier defeating Rob Hall 643 – 240, with Dave also winning the high break with 453 in the final.

This was a level 3 World Ranking tournament with full ranking points and £2100 prize money.

For all the results see here.

The Plate Flyer was won by Arthur Winn who defeated Eddie Fielding 200-94 in the final aided by a 109 break, the highest of the competition.

For all Plate results see here.

New Zealand Tour

The World Billiards New Zealand Tour is under-way with the first in a series of four World Ranking tournaments. These are the first events of our 2015/16 playing season. The details are as follows:




Peter Gilchrist defeats Gary Oliver 1017 – 501 in the final.

For full results see here.

Dates: 11th – 13th September

Venue: Woolston Club, Hargood Street, Woolston, Christchurch.

Ranking Status: Level 1 (x0.5)

Prize Money: $2500NZD (£1000)

acbs logo



Peter Gilchrist defeats Wayne Carey 1054 – 326 in the final.

For full results see here.

Dates: 17th – 19th September

Venue: Snooker World, 713 Mount Albert Road, Royal Oak, Auckland.

Ranking Status: Level 1 (x0.5)

Prize Money: $2500NZD (£1000)


Peter Shelley defeats Grant Hayward 530 – 347 in the final.

For full results see here.

Dates: 21st – 23rd September

Venue: Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club, Claudelands Road, Hamilton.

Ranking Status: Level 1 (x0.5)

Prize Money: $2500NZD (£1000)




Paul Stocker defeats Grant Hayward 689 – 610 in the final.

For full results see here.

Dates: 24th – 27th September

Venue: Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club, Claudelands Road, Hamilton.

Ranking Status: Level 3 (x1)

Prize Money: $5000NZD (£2000)

The New Zealand Open has a history dating back to 1908 and was made a World Ranking event in 2014.


Cambridge Night Trots

As always we will take everybody to the Cambridge Night Trots (horse racing) on 25th September; this is an enjoyable relaxed outing. For more information see www.harnessracingwaikato.co.nz.

Proud sponsors of the WBL New Zealand Tour






22 Aug 2015

2015 LITEtask UK Open


In Association with Northern Snooker Centre & HIBSF

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Roxton Chapman takes the title of 2015 LITEtask UK Open champion

Roxton Chapman Winner LITEtask UK Trophy

2015 LITEtask UK Open Champion Roxton Chapman

WBL President Roxton Chapman defeated the current world no.1 ranked player Dave Causier in the final of the LITEtask UK Open at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds at the weekend. In what can only be described as a remarkable outcome to this event the 1999 UK Professional champion managed to outwit some of the leading players in the game despite having been in almost total retirement from billiards for something like 5 years.

For all results from the tournament see here.

For a full report and pictures click here.

The UK Championship has a history dating back to 1934 when Joe Davis first won the title. The event was resurrected by the late Jim Williamson in 1979 after a gap of 28 years, and following another hiatus since the early 2000’s it is again back on the billiards calendar, this time as an open event. We have recently restored the original WPBSA trophy (last won by David Causier) and following the overwhelming success of the revived event this year we plan to make this prestigious tournament a permanent fixture on the calendar.


The Plate Flyer was won by Nathan Mann, who defeated Trevor Smith in the final. For all Plate results see here.


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This event was kindly sponsored by LITEtask Ltd and Northern Snooker Centre,
with the Home Internationals Billiards & Snooker Federation providing the officials.

David Causier with the UK Championship Trophy 2000

David Causier with the UK Championship Trophy in 2000










Click here for the pre tournament press release (World Snooker).

Click here to see the prize money breakdown.

This was a level 4 World ranking tournament with x1.5 ranking points and £3630 total prize money.

14 Aug 2015

Friday Flyer: Winn for Arthur

Our first Friday Night Flyer was won by Arthur Winn, who defeated Roxton Chapman in the final at the Northern Snooker Centre tonight.

We are planning to introduce some Friday Night Flyer competitions at certain events where it is agreeable with the venue. These will take place on the evening prior to the main tournament and will obviously be aimed at those players who travel to events the day before play starts. The format will be straight KO, single game 150up and £5/£10 entry fee. All entry fees will be paid out in prize money with a 70%/30% winner/runner up split and will be paid cash on the night.

This will be quite informal and mainly a bit of fun for players at a loose end prior to the main tournament. There will be no seeding, no referees, no dress code, no levy, no handicaps, no trophies and no ranking points. We may at some point use these flyers to try out new rules or different formats; watch this space!

The first of these Friday Flyers will take place prior to the LITEtask UK Open at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds this month. Brendan Devlin from Ireland has volunteered his services to run this competition and if you wish to participate you will need to register with Brendan at the venue by 8pm on Friday ready for an 8:30pm start.

World Ladies Billiards Champions


Year Assoc Winner Runner Up Score
1931 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1932 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1933 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1934 WBSA Ruth Harrison
1935 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1936 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1937 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1938 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1939 WBSA Ruth Harrison
1940 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1941-48 [No Contest]
1949 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1950 WBSA Thelma Carpenter



Year Assoc Winner Runner-Up Score
1931 WBSA Ruth Harrison
1932 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1933 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1934 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1935 WBSA Vera Seals
1936 WBSA Vera Seals
1937 WBSA Grace Phillips
1938 WBSA V McDougall
1939 WBSA V McDougall
1940 [No Contest]
1941 [No Contest]
1942 [No Contest]
1943 [No Contest]
1944 [No Contest]
1945 [No Contest]
1946 [No Contest]
1947 WBSA Sadie Isaacs
1948 WBSA E Morland Smith
1949 WBSA M Keeton
1950 WBSA Helen Futo
1951 [No Contest]
1952 WBSA E Morland Smith
1953 WBSA E Morland Smith
1954 WBSA Helen Futo
1955 WBSA Maureen Barrett
1956 WBSA Maureen Barrett
1957 [No Contest]
1958 [No Contest]
1959 WBSA Muriel Hazeldine
1960 WBSA Maureen Barrett
1961 [No Contest]
1962 WBSA Dorothea Hindmarch
1963 WBSA Sadie Isaacs
1964 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1965 WBSA Vera Youle
1966 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1967 WBSA Dorothea Hindmarch
1968 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1969 WBSA Dorothea Hindmarch
1970 WBSA Vera Selby
1971 WBSA Vera Selby
1972 WBSA Vera Selby
1973 WBSA Vera Selby
1974 WBSA Vera Selby
1975 [No Contest]
1976 WBSA Vera Selby
1977 WBSA Vera Selby
1978 WBSA Vera Selby
1979 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1980 [No Contest]
1981 [No Contest]
1982 [No Contest]
1983 [No Contest]
1984 [No Contest]
1985 [No Contest]
1986 [No Contest]
1987 [No Contest]
1988 [No Contest]
1989 [No Contest]
1990 [No Contest]
1991 [No Contest]
1992 [No Contest]
1993 [No Contest]
1994 [No Contest]
1995 [No Contest]
1996 [No Contest]
1997 [No Contest]
1998 WLBSA Karen Corr Emma Bonney 403-219
1999 WLBSA Karen Corr Kelly Fisher 354-276
2000 WLBSA Emma Bonney Caroline Walch 218-50
2001 WLBSA Kelly Fisher Emma Bonney 290-219
2002 WLBSA Emma Bonney Kelly Fisher 227-196
2003 WLBSA Kelly Fisher Emma Bonney 299-155
2004 [No Contest]
2005 WLBSA Anuja Thakur Lynette Horsburgh 243-136
2006 WLBSA Chitra Magimairaj Emma Bonney 193-164
2007 WLBSA Chitra Magimairaj Emma Bonney 187-148
2008 WLBSA Emma Bonney Eva Palmius 216-119
2009 WLBSA Emma Bonney Chitra Magimairaj 272-118
2010 WLBSA Emma Bonney Chitra Magimairaj 269-220
2011 WLBSA Emma Bonney Tina Owen-Sevilton 202-181
2012 WLBSA Revanna Umadevi Emma Bonney 201-143
2013 WLBSA Emma Bonney Eva Palmius 329-207
2014Apr WLBSA Emma Bonney Revanna Umadevi 226-209
2014Oct WLBSA Emma Bonney Revanna Umadevi 237-191
2015 WLBSA Emma Bonney Rochy Woods 334-119

In the 1937 World Professional Championship, Ruth Harrison recorded a break of 197, a competitive world record for ladies billiards which still stands today.

2015 Australian Open

The Australian Open occurred at the Yarraville Club near Melbourne, Victoria ending on 20th June. This tournament is organised by the Australian Billiards & Snooker Council and followed their National Billiards Championship.

Peter Gilchrist reverses last year’s result by defeating Matt Bolton 6-2 !




For more details click here.

For the final results, click here or here.


RECORDING available – excellent quality !



Group Photo

Group Photo


This tournament is a Level 3 World Ranking event with £2000+ ($4000AUD) total prize money.

Winner $1800
Runner Up $900
Semi Finalists $300
Quarter Finalists $125
Highest Break $200

The Australian Open has been a World Billiards ranking event since 2012. See below for results since then:


For a list of all former champions click here and select ‘Australian Open Billiards Championship’ from the drop-down menu.