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9 Dec 2016

2016 LITEtask Borders Open


the Finalists

WBL proudly held an additional tournament for this season; the LITEtask Borders Open. This was in Carlisle at the Portland Club on 17/18-Dec-2016. This the first time we have staged a tournament in this area.

Peter Gilchrist triumphed in style over Rob Marshall with several high breaks including one of 416.

All players commented on the high standard of tables. The staff were very helpful. All in all, it is likely that WBL will be back next season !

Our sponsors LITEtask enabled us to upgrade this tournament to level 2 with £1500+ prize money and 0.75 ranking points. 

For all match scores click here.

See here for a report from www.thecueview.com.

1 Dec 2016

2016 LITEtask British Open

The 2016 LITEtask British Open took place on Saturday & Sunday 3rd & 4th December at Q Gardens in Bradford.

Dave Causier once again took the honours in Bradford but didn’t have it all his own way in the final with Rob Wilson leading for much of the match; the final score was 577-512. Dave also took the high break prize with 619 against Bem French in the last 16.

To see the full results click here.

The Plate event was won by Gary Rogers who defeated Paul Devitt 200-53 in the final. Gary also took the high break with 97 in probably the match of the tournament after his opponent Paul McGowan had just made a 95.

For Plate results see here.


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26 Oct 2016

The 2016 LITEtask World Billiards Championship

THE 2016

Litetask logo(2)


In Association with Northern Snooker Centre


Mike Russell defeated defending champion Dave Causier 2224 – 1115 in the five hour final of the 2016 LITEtask World Billiards Championship at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds today.

This is Russell’s first World Championship title since 2011 and is his 12th WPBSA title in total. In the final he fired in breaks of 133, 216, 183, 50, 60, 82, 196, 291, 585 & 158 to outscore his opponent by almost 2 to 1. Causier was still in touch during the first session, trailing by just 201 at the interval, but Russell’s scoring power overwhelmed the defending champion in the second half, Russell winning the session 1342 – 434 including the highest break of the event; 585.

To watch the final see our YouTube Channel here.

To see the match details see here.

To see a summary of all results see here.

For high breaks see here.

Causier 2016 WC

Dave Causier: 2016 LITEtask World Champion (100-up)

Dave Causier today won his fourth World Billiards Championship with a dramatic 8-6 victory over Dhruv Sitwala in the final of the 100-up event.

At 7-4 in front and needing one more frame, Dave came to the table with two points on the scoreboard and proceeded to compile a break of 95, just needing three more points for the title. With the red over the middle pocket the match looked all over. However in potting the red he also scored a cannon taking the break to 100, but he hadn’t crossed the baulkline (which is required between 80 & 100 in every break) meaning the ‘winning’ shot became a foul. After some discussion the match continued with Dhruv coming to the table 2-97 behind, producing a cool 98 unfinished to keep the match alive.

It was a similar story in the next frame as Dave stalled within four points of the title and Dhruv again ran out with 94 unfinished under extreme pressure.

Sitwala 2016 WC

Runner Up Dhruv Sitwala


Dave wasn’t to be denied his fourth World Championship win however, and made his own contribution of 81 unfinished to become the 2016 LITEtask World Billiards Champion (Short Format).

To watch the final see our YouTube Channel here.

To see the match details see here.

To see a summary of all results see here.

For high breaks see here.

The 100-up event was played with modified rules; see here.



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Prize Money
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16 Oct 2016

2016 LITEtask World Ladies Billiards Championship

WLBS Banner2

Emma Bonney (England) claimed her 11th World Ladies Championship title with a 239 – 169 victory over Revanna Umadevi (India) in the final.

Click here for all results.


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This is the 19th staging of this championship and previous winners can be viewed here.

15 Oct 2016

2016 Jim Williamson Memorial






The 2016 Jim Williamson Memorial World Open has taken place at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds and resulted in another win for Rob Hall to add to his ever expanding list of titles.

In the final he defeated a resurgent Devendra Joshi who had previously taken care of Martin Goodwill, Mike Russell and Roxton Chapman en route to the final.

The highest break was 379 by Mike Russell.

Results Summary

High Breaks

This was a level 3 world ranking tournament with £2000+ prize money and full ranking points.

Please note, the draw for this competition was based on the 2015/16 Ranking List, which affected the starting positions of 9 of the 22 top two seeds. This was done to ensure no player played any other player across the three events in Leeds starting this weekend. Players in the Timed World Championship event draw are closest to their ranking position on the 2015/16 Ranking List with minor adjustments made to ensure the different nations are separated in the groups. The 100up draw was made with as few minor adjustments to the Timed event draw as possible to ensure players were not in the same group as anyone in the Timed event. Finally, the Jim Williamson Memorial World Open draw was made with as few movements to the 100up draw as possible to ensure no player played any other in more than one event. We hope you understand the challenges presented by this process and accept that the choices we made were in the interests of all players in all competitions.

14 Aug 2016

2016 Northern Snooker Centre Open





presents the



in association with



The Northern Snooker Centre Open occurred on Saturday & Sunday 13th & 14th August at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds.

This was a level 2 World Ranking tournament with £1720 prize money and x0.75 ranking points.

Rob Hall defeats Rob Marshall 531-257 to win thew trophy, beating Peter Gilchrist in the semis.

For details see the following links:


Group Tables


To see the draw and schedule (PDF) click here.

LITEtask UK Open Billiards Championship

8 Aug 2016

2016 Illawarra Open

Billiards Australia

presents the

2016 Illawarra Open
Billiards Championship

David Collins defeated Michael Pearson 509 – 429 in the final of the inaugural Illawarra Open. 

For full results see here or here.

The 2016 Illawarra Open Billiards Championship took place between Friday 19th – Sunday 21st August 2016.

Wests Illawarra


Tournament venue:

Wests Illawarra Leagues Club,
Hargreaves Street,

This was a level 2 World Ranking tournament with $3000AUD prize money.




This tournament carries both full Australian National ranking points and x0.75 World Ranking points.


Useful links:-

Latest Results


Illawarra BSA

23 May 2016

2016 LITEtask Irish & European Open



25 Apr 2016

2016 White Roofing English Open

THE 2016


English Open trophies

English Open trophies


in association with Steve Springham Kitchens



Ron Agnew presenting the cup to Dave Causier

Ron Agnew presenting the cup to Dave Causier




The 2016 White Roofing English Open occurred at the Cambridge Snooker Centre. 

Dave Causier does it again in an exciting final with Roxton Chapman, winning 538 – 403 for his 4th consecutive English Open title.

Our thanks to sponsors Mick White and Steve Springham, Tony Carr for providing the venue and trophies, and recovering three tables especially for the tournament, and to the Tournament Controller Bob Williams with his team of referees for officiating the event.

Click here for the full results.

For previous winners see here.


26 Mar 2016

2016 LITEtask UK Open


In Association with Northern Snooker Centre

Litetask logo

The 2016 LITEtask UK Open took place at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds, England between Friday 25th and Monday 28th March.

Rob Hall is the new UK Open Champ !

Rob takes the title off Roxton with an impressive 913 – 424 victory.

Rob Hall and Mark Pears

Rob Hall and Mark Pears from sponsors LITEtask

Report (courtesy of The Cue View)
(courtesy of Matt Huart (WPBSA))

This was a Level 4 World Ranking Event with x1.5 ranking points and £3150 total prize money; see here for the breakdown.

For full details follow these links:

Draw/Playing Schedule/Players’ Letter (pdf)
Group Tables
High Breaks

Summary (including KO results)
Last 16 KO Draw

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Roxton Chapman Winner LITEtask UK Trophy

Former  LITEtask UK Open Champion Roxton Chapman