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2016 World Championship Prize Money

Prize money for the 2016 LITEtask World Billiards Championship will be as follows:

.   .    x                =
WINNER   £3,200.00    1 £3,200.00
RUNNER UP £1,600.00    1 £1,600.00
SEMIS   £800.00    2 £1,600.00
QUARTERS £400.00    4 £1,600.00
LAST 16   £200.00    8 £1,600.00
HIGH BREAK £1 Per Point    1 £TBC

With two events, and estimating a total of £800 for the highest break (over both events) there is a total of £20,000 prize money available.

In addition to the above, LITEtask have agreed to transfer their offer of £10,000 for a 1000 break made under the Baulkline Rule (which was initially earmarked for a Master event) over to the Timed World Championship as the Masters will not now take place until next year. 

Should this feat be achieved more than once the prize money will be split equally between the players concerned.

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4 Aug 2016

Event Entries

World Billiards would like to clarify a number of issues regarding entering events:

We have experienced a number of instances recently with players trying to register for events by emailing or calling asking us to put them in to the tournament. We would like to make it clear that we cannot accept entries for any reason without completion of the relevant on-line entry form and payment of the entry fee before the closing date. Payment at the event or after the closing date is not an option.

There are numerous ways for players to enter events, including by PayPal, credit or debit card, bank transfer and via the Smartphone App. The onus really is on the player to find a way of using one of the entry methods available. If you think you may have problems with any of these five options, please don’t leave it to the last day to enter, as we may not be on hand to resolve the problem before entries close. Unfortunately we are not able to accept credit or debit card payments over the phone.

We cannot accept entries after the closing date and time under any circumstances. This is published on the website well in advance.

Please be aware that your name will only appear on the entry list once it has been approved by admin. This is a manual process and may take up to a few days depending on how you pay and when we are in front of a PC to actually approve it. Entries are not approved before the entry fee reaches us. Please don’t email us asking where your name is unless it has been more than three days since you entered. 

Our closing date has in the past usually been on the Sunday evening prior to the event taking place. This has now been brought forward to the Saturday afternoon, just less than one week from the start of the event. This is to allow our Tournament Director Steve Lock time to draw and schedule the events over a weekend rather than during the week when he is working in his full time job. This process begins the second the entries close.

Please note that closing dates and times may vary slightly depending on circumstances, so please keep an eye on the website for each event. 

Please be aware that we do not issue refunds of entry fees for players withdrawing from events after the entries have closed and entry fees are non-transferable. 

We do operate a reserve list for events in case a player does withdraw leaving a gap in the draw and schedule. If you have missed the closing date and would like to be placed on the reserve list please contact Tournament Director Steve Lock via the ‘Contact Us’ page. However, please be aware that players who would have been seeded had they entered before the closing date may not be able to come in as a replacement for an unseeded player.
Reserve players will be required to pay the applicable entry fee. 

Please note that as of September 1st 2016 we will no longer be accepting entry fees for tournaments by cheque or cash. If anyone feels they are unable to complete an online entry fee payment please contact us for assistance.

World Billiards



English Open [Prize Money]

Please see below for the prize money breakdown in the forthcoming English Open:


LEVEL 3 | x1 | £2000+ PRIZE MONEY
. . . .
. .       x          =
WINNER £640.00     1 £640.00
RUNNER UP £320.00     1 £320.00
SEMIS £160.00     2 £320.00
QUARTERS £80.00     4 £320.00
LAST 16 £40.00     8 £320.00
LAST 24 £20.00     8 £160.00
HIGH BREAK £40.00     1 £40.00
PLATE WINNER £80.00     1 £80.00
PLATE RUNNER UP £40.00     1 £40.00
PLATE SEMIS £20.00     2 £40.00
PLATE HIGH BREAK £20.00     1 £20.00
. . . .
Total £2,300.00





LITEtask Scottish Open [Prize Money]

Here is the prize money breakdown in the LITEtask Scottish Open.

LEVEL 3 |  x1 | £2000+ PRIZE MONEY
. .   x          =
(Dave Causier)
£640.00 1 £640.00
(Phil Mumford)
£320.00 1 £320.00
(Peter Gilchrist, Steve Brookshaw)
£160.00 2 £320.00
(Rob Hall, Chris Taylor, Peter Shelley, Darren Clark)
£80.00 4 £320.00
(Tom McFarlane, Jamie Jenkins, Gary Norman, David Nichols, Brian Harvey, Arthur Winn, Adam Clarke, Andrew Draper)
£40.00 8 £320.00
(321 – Peter Gilchrist)
£40.00 1 £40.00
(Phil Davis)
£80.00 1 £80.00
(Chris Coumbe)
£40.00 1 £40.00
PLATE HIGH BREAK £20.00 1 £20.00





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20 Aug 2015

WBL Development Fund: Rochy Woods

Rochy Woods

WPBSA coach Rochy Woods

World Billiards has recently secured a small annual budget to allocate to development of the game. This money will be distributed to organisations who apply to us for a grant and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to developing the game of English Billiards. Each application will be treated on its merits and allocated on a case by case basis up to a maximum of £250 per organisation. Only one application will be accepted from the same organisation per season.

The first such grant which we have awarded is to the Narbeck Junior Billiards League, which is a junior league in Norfolk, England. The grant is for one of its players, Rochelle Woods, to attend the WPBSA community coaching course. Rochelle passed the course, and has recently appeared in an ITV Anglia report on her success. Click here to see this report and video.

If anyone is interested in applying for a similar grant please send us an application detailing the reasons why you believe such a grant should be allocated, and exactly how the funding would be used should you be successful.

Please send your application to us here.

Jim Leacy

To end speculation, WBL would like to confirm that Jim Leacy remains an integral member of the WBL board of directors.

The IBSF have stated to WBL in writing that they are unanimous in their decision not to cooperate with WBL whilst Jim Leacy remains on our board and despite many requests, no formal reasons have been given for this action.
Jim Leacy is a very committed member of the team who gives his time freely. He has an exemplary record with the board of World Billiards Ltd and will remain on the WBL board with the full support of both WBL and WPBSA.

WBL Chairman Alan Chamberlain said …

Our plans to run the Billiards World Championship in Leeds this October and all other events on our calendar remain in place. World Billiards Ltd will continue to promote Billiards on an international basis and we are looking forward to delivering our World Championship to new territories in the coming years.
On behalf of the WBL Board, I would like to thank you all for your continued support. We remain committed to the game and delivering the best opportunities to play and compete at English Billiards.

The Board of WBL

Geet Sethi steps down

Former World Billiards Champion Geet Sethi has taken the decision to step down from his role as Director of World Billiards Ltd. Geet had requested to stand down many months ago due to not being able to commit his time fully to the role, however he had remained in place at the request of the WBL board for an extended period of time.

WBL Chairman Alan Chamberlain said …

Geet is an extremely well respected player and successful businessman and we fully appreciate his necessity to direct his focus elsewhere. I am sure his love for Billiards will remain with him forever and I would like to assure him that the rest of the team will continue its work to promote World Billiards Ltd on an International basis.
On behalf of the board, I would like to thank Geet for his contribution as a player since we began as EBOS and for the time he has spent with us as a Director. We all wish him the best of success in his business interests.


The Board of WBL

Letter from the Chairman

Dear Billiards Players, NGB’s, Regional Bodies and Officials,

It is with sadness and disappointment that I have to write to you regarding the current situation between World Billiards Ltd (WBL) and the IBSF.

As you will already be aware, the IBSF has recently withdrawn its support of WBL and declared that it will hold its own event at a date which clashes with WBL tournaments in New Zealand.



I can tell you that a great deal of effort has been made to resolve this situation and in fact Chairman of our Governing Body, Jason Ferguson, has just returned from extended discussions with Barrie Jones in Australia. The result of these is that there is only one issue preventing the IBSF working with WBL and that is, “ IBSF will not work with WBL if Jim Leacy remains as a director”. However, despite numerous requests to IBSF board members, no one will formally clarify the issues.

Jim Leacy was a director on my board before he became president of IBSF. He was also involved with the running of EBOS, which predates WBL.

Following the IBSF elections Jim stood down as the IBSF representative at the following WBL board meeting as he was no longer on the board of IBSF . In light of Jim’s previous hard work, WBL asked him to remain as an independent director. It was also agreed that a further representative from IBSF would be requested to join WBL to ensure the billiards community continued working together. This was followed up by me as WBL Chairman in a written request to Capt. Mohan, and although this was refused, that offer remains in place today.

Billiards is not a strong business like snooker, it does not command global television and it needs all the support it can get. It certainly needs to pool its resources worldwide and this was the sole reason WPBSA in consultation with the IBSF and EBOS set up WBL in the first place.

At the point of starting this venture, entries in the WPBSA World Billiards Championship had fallen to 12 and the IBSF billiards championship was declining fast. With a team of extremely committed volunteers and a very limited budget, entries have soared, events and prize money are up and we again have a World Billiards Ranking list.

There is a massive contribution by people involved, and there is no doubt that this is a huge step in the right direction for this beautiful game, to which the international business of snooker owes so much.

With everyone’s support, with guidance and commitment from you, players, referees and officials, it can grow and I am sure we were not far away from the World Championship growing and travelling to new destinations.

WBL remains committed to working with National Governing Bodies to provide more playing opportunities for you the players.

The WPBSA remains committed to supporting this valuable part of our sport and the board of WBL have made it clear they wish to continue the work they have started.

I urge everyone to pull together before it is too late, this game cannot afford a divide.

Yours Sincerely
Alan Chamberlain
World Billiards Chairman

Statement from the Chairman

I am very disappointed that there is a clash of dates between our four New Zealand tournaments and the proposed IBSF World Championships, being held in Australia. There has been an  enormous amount of work put into the New Zealand events not only by my board, but also by the dedicated organisers in New Zealand for which I thank them.

Our door is always open to negotiations with a view to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Alan Chamberlain


The IBSF have declined the offer to take up a seat with full voting rights on the WBL board and have confirmed they will not support a joint World Billiards Championship with WBL as they have for the past three years.

The WBL board are disappointed with the IBSF position, however WBL remains 100% committed to promoting The World Billiards Tour and will continue to make the offer of partnership working with any individual or federation for the good of our beautiful sport.

The World Billiards Championship will take place as planned from 16th to 28th October 2015 in Leeds. We look forward to seeing you and enjoying another successful event.

Note that all other WBL events previously announced will proceed as planned.