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10 Oct 2016

100up Rule Changes


Current Rules

The forthcoming 100up World Billiards Championship will be played to the Official Rules of English Billiards as published by WPBSA in November 2014 with the following modifications:

Playing From In Hand 

Section 3, Rule 6 ‘Playing From In-Hand’
After (b) add:

If the striker comes to the table with their cue ball in hand as a result of the non-striker’s last turn, the striker can play directly on to a ball or balls in baulk for that shot only. At all other times the following will apply; (usual rules). 

What this means in practice is that if your opponent pockets your cue ball (or forces it off of the table), when you come to the table for your turn you have the option of playing into baulk from hand; effectively an open table. This will apply regardless of whether one or two balls are in baulk when coming to the table with ball in hand.

Several people have questioned how this rule would be applied following the initial break off shot. As the rule is worded, the second player wouldn’t be coming to the table ‘in hand as a result of the non-striker’s last turn‘ so therefore they wouldn’t be able to play in to baulk on their first shot. 

The Miss

Section 2, Rule 16 ‘Miss’
Section 3, Rule 16 ‘Action after a Miss’
Remove completely; all misses are fouls.

With the change of the ‘Playing From In Hand’ rule (above) the ‘miss’ would become largely redundant except when you do not leave a ball out of baulk yourself during your own visit. In this instance the striker must now hit a ball or it will be a foul and the usual penalties applied.

The Baulkline Rule

The Baulkline Crossing Rule will also be applied in this Championships.

Due to the nature of the 100-up format it is extremely important that the ‘Baulkline Warning’ is called at the correct time. In the unlikely event that the referee forgets to call ‘Baulkline Warning at 80’ (in a break), the onus is on the non-striker to highlight the error. If this is not corrected immediately it will be possible for the striker to win the frame with a 100 break without crossing the baulkline.

World Billiards





2016 World Championship Entry Criteria

The entry criteria for the 2016 LITEtask World Billiards Championship will be as follows;

A All former World Billiards Champions (WPBSA / IBSF / WBL)
B Defending Champion(s) [David Causier]
C Ladies World Champion [Emma Bonney]
D Oceania Champion [Joe Minici]
E Asia Champion [Dhruv Sitwala]
F Europe Champion [Mike Russell]
G Disability nomination [Subramanian Venkateswaran]
H 8 Nominations from each NGB + 1 Junior + 1 Lady Player
I 32 players from the final 2015/16 WBL Order of Merit
J A minimum of 4 Qualifiers from a 1 day Qualification Tournament


  • Spots are generally awarded in chronological order, ie the order in which they are won. This is done in case a player wins multiple spots. For example, if the same player wins the World Championship and then the Asian Championship that player would get the World Champion spot (as this was won first) and the Asian spot would go to the runner up in the Asian Championship.
  • The 32 players from the 2015/16 WBL Order of Merit (I) will be players who have not already qualified from A-H (see list below).
  • The number of players taken from the Qualification Tournament will depend on the number required to make all groups in the main events equal, however a minimum of 4 players will qualify.
  • The Qualification Tournament will be open to all players who feature on the 2015/16 WBL Order of Merit and any players who are members of, and supported by an NGB.
  • Defending champions will be seeded number 1 in each competition, subsequent seeding will be based on the WBL Ranking List as at 31st August 2016.


WBL Top 32
Below is a list of who will be nominated as part of the WBL allocation of players. The qualification route is stated next to the player.

Players in bold have entered.

1 England David Causier World Champion
2 Singapore Peter Gilchrist World Champion
3 England Robert Hall NGB [EASB]
4 England Mike Russell World Champion
5 England Phil Mumford NGB [EASB]
6 England Roxton Chapman WBL 1
7 England Steve Brookshaw WBL 2
8 England Jonathan Marwood WBL 3
9 England Chris Taylor Declined
10 England Nalin Patel Declined
11 England Robin Wilson WBL 4
12 England Martin Goodwill WBL 5
13 England Adam Clarke WBL 6
14 England Peter Shelley WBL 7
15 England Darren Clark NGB [EASB]
16 England Phil Davis WBL 8
17 England Gary Norman WBL 9
18 England Ryan Mears NGB [EASB]
19 Rep. of Ireland Wayne Doyle Declined
20 England Ian Williamson WBL 10
21 England Brian Harvey WBL 11
22 England Arthur Winn WBL 12
23 Rep. of Ireland Aidan Murray Declined
24 India Sushrut Pandia WBL 13
25 England Mark Hirst WBL 14
26 England Chris Coumbe WBL 15
27 England Eddie Fielding WBL 16
28 New Zealand Grant Hayward Declined
29 Scotland Alan Shepherd NGB [Scottish Snooker]
30 Canada Fraser Durham NGB [CBSA]
31 New Zealand Paul Stocker Declined
32 New Zealand Gary Oliver Declined
33 England Stephen Crosland (timed) WBL 17
34 England Stephen Kershaw WBL 18
35 England Robert Marshall WBL 19
36 New Zealand Darren Taylor Declined
37 Australia David Collins Declined
38 England Jamie Barker Declined
39 England Andrew Draper Declined
40 Austria Carl Walter Steiner NGB [ÖSBV]
41 Scotland Jamie Jenkins NGB [Scottish Snooker]
42 England Nathan Mann  –
43 England Brian Pritchard WBL 20
44 England Bernard French  –
45 England Trevor Smith Declined
46 Canada Dave Blacklaw Declined
47 Australia Brian Moulday Declined
48 England Stephen Bradshaw Declined
49 Australia Michael Pearson Declined
50 England David Nichols Declined
51 Australia Todd Hayward Declined
52 Scotland Thomas McFarlane Declined
53 New Zealand Zac Guya  –
54 Australia Charlie Lowe Declined
55 India Adesh Shekatkar Declined
56 Rep. of Ireland Joe Doheny Declined
57 England Craig Fitzpatrick  –
58 Rep. of Ireland Robert McCrum Declined
59 England Nigel Ward WBL 21
60 India Raja Subramanian WDBS Nomination
61 England Steve Stokes WBL 22
62 New Zealand Mark Taylor  –
63 England Chris Cator  –
64 New Zealand Wayne Carey Declined
65 Australia Danik Lucas Declined
66 Australia Jason Colebrook Declined
67 Rep. of Ireland Aonghus McAnally Declined
68 Scotland Dave Sneddon Declined
69 Austria Martin Schmidt (Timed) NGB [ÖSBV]
70 Northern Ireland John Mcintyre Declined
71 Australia Alex Kay Declined
72 Rep. of Ireland Ross Doyle Declined
73 Scotland Jim Burke Declined
74 Scotland Paul McGowan NGB [Scottish Snooker]
75 Australia David Pitt Declined
76 New Zealand Russ Delahunty Declined
77 Canada Rick Kendall Declined
78 England Roy Denson Declined
79 England Emma Bonney World Ladies Champion
80 England Greg English Declined
81 England Steve Lock Declined
82 England David Atkinson WBL 23
83 Australia Joe Minici Declined
84 England Peter Johnson Declined
85 Australia Darren Martin Declined
86 France Akhilesh Mohan NGB [FFB]
87 New Zealand Paul Wereta
88 England Finlay Laing  –
89 England Mick White  –
90 Rep. of Ireland Larry Drennan Declined
91 England Gaye Jones NGB [EASB] Ladies
92 Rep. of Ireland Lloyd Myers Declined
93 Northern Ireland Paddy Donnelly Declined
94 Rep. of Ireland John Kehoe Declined
95 Australia Vic Cravino
96 England Sean McAllister (100up) WBL 24
97 Australia George Chammas
98 Australia Vit Sacco
99 Australia Raj Das
100 Wales Peter Stanyer
101 Canada Alan Senkiw
102 England Dale Schofield
103 England Matthew Lyon
104 Scotland Stevie Angus
105 Australia Hassan Kerde
106 Australia Bob Natalenko
107 England Adam Sears
108 Australia Roger Farebrother
109 Rep. of Ireland Eugene Hughes
110 England Peter Atkinson
111 England Ian Belgin
112 Australia John Machen
113 England Sam Walker
114 New Zealand Arthur King
115 England Mark Hill
116 Australia Michael Hough
117 New Zealand Peter DeGroot
118 Australia Adrian Hinks
119 Australia Mick Boyne
120 Australia Brad Williams
121 Jersey Martyn le Gallais
122 New Zealand Ken Goebel
123 Scotland John Inverarity
124 England Gary Rogers Via Qualifier
125 England Matthew Peaker
126 Scotland Paul Whelan
127 Rep. of Ireland James Bateman
128 England Kevin Payne
129 Northern Ireland Oliver McGuigan
130 England Sidney Ash
131 Australia Dragan Skvaric
132 Australia Fred Minici
133 Australia Ricky Lo
134 Australia Daniel Jenkins
135 England Eddie Duggan
136 Scotland Calum Hossack
137 Australia Chris Neloski
138 Australia Gene Crossingham
139 Australia Michael Newman
140 Australia Danny Senko
141 Australia Graeme McNeil
142 Australia Peter Tankard
143 Australia Dirk Hellenbroich
144 New Zealand Neil Gyde
145 Australia Daniel Lawler
146 England Graham Guest Via Qualifier
147 Northern Ireland Norman Whaley
148 New Zealand Peri Lilli
149 England Jason Devanney
150 Scotland Kenny Baird
152 Australia Rod Hart
153 Australia Paul Davis
154 Malaysia Adwin Teh
155 England Carl De Pasquale
156 Australia Roger Carr
157 Australia Brice Hilliard
158 Australia Andrew Stoermer
159 Australia John Burns
160 Australia Raymond Farage
161 England David Bentinck
162 Jersey Richard de la Haye
163 Jersey Robert le Moel
164 Australia Neville Moore
165 Wales Liam Arnold
166 England Frank Bradley

Entries (not on Order of Merit)

India Rupesh Shah World Champion
India Dhruv Sitwala Asian Champion
India Sourav Kothari NGB [BSFI]
India Siddharth Parikh NGB [BSFI]
India Dhvaj Haria NGB [BSFI]
India Devendra Joshi NGB [BSFI]
India Alok Kumar NGB [BSFI]
India Shekhar Surve NGB [BSFI]
India Hitesh L. Kotwani NGB [BSFI]

Anti-Spam Protection

Many of you will have noticed that the website has been particularly aggressive in detecting potential spammers, so much so that many innocents have been refused access.

I have now removed that particular anti-spam software  (“Stop Spammers”) and replaced it with one hopefully less aggressive.

It’s a shame that we need this protection, however the site has been under attack constantly in the past few years and it was impacting the hosting server.


31 Aug 2016

World Billiards Smartphone App

World Billiards now has an app for use on smartphones and tablets.

Phone App

To get this app search for ‘Team App’ in your app store (Apple or Android devices only
at the moment) or click on the following buttons:


Download the Team App. When the app has installed successfully just open it, sign up
and search for ‘World Billiards’. Click on the World Billiards logo and then click ‘join’.


If you do not have a compatible device you can still sign up and use the app as a web
version by clicking the button below:

Find us on Team App


A few hints which will help when using this app:

  • Remember to click to ‘join’ World Billiards. This will ensure that you can view all of the available content.
  • Set your notifications to ‘on’ and whenever a new event or news article is added you will be informed.
  • The app is optimised for use in the ‘portrait’ format rather than landscape.
  • If you sign up to the web version only your notifications will come in the form of an email.
  • The web version is mainly for people currently without a compatible device; if you have the choice it really is best when used as an app.
  • Your login details are the same for both the web version and the app.
  • You can set the World Billiards logo as an app icon on your home screen: from the World Billiards app click ‘Settings‘ then ‘Install To Home Screen‘. This will open up a browser window. From there click the little box with an arrow pointing up (usually top right of browser) and then ‘Add to Home Screen‘ (this works well using an Apple device and Safari browser but we haven’t been able to test on other devices as yet).

Content is relatively limited at the moment (mainly stuff we have uploaded to test the app) but we will be adding much more news and events over time.

Team App Brochure

2016 World Championship Prize Money

Prize money for the 2016 LITEtask World Billiards Championship will be as follows:

.   .    x                =
WINNER   £3,200.00    1 £3,200.00
RUNNER UP £1,600.00    1 £1,600.00
SEMIS   £800.00    2 £1,600.00
QUARTERS £400.00    4 £1,600.00
LAST 16   £200.00    8 £1,600.00
HIGH BREAK £1 Per Point    1 £TBC

With two events, and estimating a total of £800 for the highest break (over both events) there is a total of £20,000 prize money available.

In addition to the above, LITEtask have agreed to transfer their offer of £10,000 for a 1000 break made under the Baulkline Rule (which was initially earmarked for a Master event) over to the Timed World Championship as the Masters will not now take place until next year. 

Should this feat be achieved more than once the prize money will be split equally between the players concerned.

Litetask logo

4 Aug 2016

Event Entries

World Billiards would like to clarify a number of issues regarding entering events:

We have experienced a number of instances recently with players trying to register for events by emailing or calling asking us to put them in to the tournament. We would like to make it clear that we cannot accept entries for any reason without completion of the relevant on-line entry form and payment of the entry fee before the closing date. Payment at the event or after the closing date is not an option.

There are numerous ways for players to enter events, including by PayPal, credit or debit card, bank transfer and via the Smartphone App. The onus really is on the player to find a way of using one of the entry methods available. If you think you may have problems with any of these five options, please don’t leave it to the last day to enter, as we may not be on hand to resolve the problem before entries close. Unfortunately we are not able to accept credit or debit card payments over the phone.

We cannot accept entries after the closing date and time under any circumstances. This is published on the website well in advance.

Please be aware that your name will only appear on the entry list once it has been approved by admin. This is a manual process and may take up to a few days depending on how you pay and when we are in front of a PC to actually approve it. Entries are not approved before the entry fee reaches us. Please don’t email us asking where your name is unless it has been more than three days since you entered. 

Our closing date has in the past usually been on the Sunday evening prior to the event taking place. This has now been brought forward to the Saturday afternoon, just less than one week from the start of the event. This is to allow our Tournament Director Steve Lock time to draw and schedule the events over a weekend rather than during the week when he is working in his full time job. This process begins the second the entries close.

Please note that closing dates and times may vary slightly depending on circumstances, so please keep an eye on the website for each event. 

Please be aware that we do not issue refunds of entry fees for players withdrawing from events after the entries have closed and entry fees are non-transferable. 

We do operate a reserve list for events in case a player does withdraw leaving a gap in the draw and schedule. If you have missed the closing date and would like to be placed on the reserve list please contact Tournament Director Steve Lock via the ‘Contact Us’ page. However, please be aware that players who would have been seeded had they entered before the closing date may not be able to come in as a replacement for an unseeded player.
Reserve players will be required to pay the applicable entry fee. 

Please note that as of September 1st 2016 we will no longer be accepting entry fees for tournaments by cheque or cash. If anyone feels they are unable to complete an online entry fee payment please contact us for assistance.

World Billiards



English Open [Prize Money]

Please see below for the prize money breakdown in the forthcoming English Open:


LEVEL 3 | x1 | £2000+ PRIZE MONEY
. . . .
. .       x          =
WINNER £640.00     1 £640.00
RUNNER UP £320.00     1 £320.00
SEMIS £160.00     2 £320.00
QUARTERS £80.00     4 £320.00
LAST 16 £40.00     8 £320.00
LAST 24 £20.00     8 £160.00
HIGH BREAK £40.00     1 £40.00
PLATE WINNER £80.00     1 £80.00
PLATE RUNNER UP £40.00     1 £40.00
PLATE SEMIS £20.00     2 £40.00
PLATE HIGH BREAK £20.00     1 £20.00
. . . .
Total £2,300.00





LITEtask UK Open [Prize Money]

Please see below for the prize money breakdown in the forthcoming LITEtask UK Open.

. . . .
. .       x          =
WINNER £960.00     1 £960.00
RUNNER UP £480.00     1 £480.00
SEMIS £240.00     2 £480.00
QUARTERS £120.00     4 £480.00
LAST 16 £60.00     8 £480.00
HIGH BREAK £60.00 1 £60.00
. .    .  .
Challenge Cup WINNER £120.00     1 £120.00
Challenge Cup RUNNER UP £60.00     1 £60.00
Challenge Cup SEMI FINALISTS £30 2 £60
Challenge Cup HIGH BREAK £30.00     1 £30.00
. . . .
Total            £3,210.00
. . . .

Litetask logo

NSC Logo

LITEtask Scottish Open [Prize Money]

Here is the prize money breakdown in the LITEtask Scottish Open.

LEVEL 3 |  x1 | £2000+ PRIZE MONEY
. .   x          =
(Dave Causier)
£640.00 1 £640.00
(Phil Mumford)
£320.00 1 £320.00
(Peter Gilchrist, Steve Brookshaw)
£160.00 2 £320.00
(Rob Hall, Chris Taylor, Peter Shelley, Darren Clark)
£80.00 4 £320.00
(Tom McFarlane, Jamie Jenkins, Gary Norman, David Nichols, Brian Harvey, Arthur Winn, Adam Clarke, Andrew Draper)
£40.00 8 £320.00
(321 – Peter Gilchrist)
£40.00 1 £40.00
(Phil Davis)
£80.00 1 £80.00
(Chris Coumbe)
£40.00 1 £40.00
PLATE HIGH BREAK £20.00 1 £20.00





Litetask logo


20 Aug 2015

WBL Development Fund: Rochy Woods

Rochy Woods

WPBSA coach Rochy Woods

World Billiards has recently secured a small annual budget to allocate to development of the game. This money will be distributed to organisations who apply to us for a grant and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to developing the game of English Billiards. Each application will be treated on its merits and allocated on a case by case basis up to a maximum of £250 per organisation. Only one application will be accepted from the same organisation per season.

The first such grant which we have awarded is to the Narbeck Junior Billiards League, which is a junior league in Norfolk, England. The grant is for one of its players, Rochelle Woods, to attend the WPBSA community coaching course. Rochelle passed the course, and has recently appeared in an ITV Anglia report on her success. Click here to see this report and video.

If anyone is interested in applying for a similar grant please send us an application detailing the reasons why you believe such a grant should be allocated, and exactly how the funding would be used should you be successful.

Please send your application to us here.