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16 Jun 2018

Event Hosting Opportunities

Bids for hosting WBL World and Regional (Major) events are invited from NGB’s and Regional Federations.

These events are as follows:

World Championship 2018 & beyond Any
Nations Cup (World Team) 2018 & beyond Any Inaugurated Glasgow, Scotland 2014
World Under 21’s 2018 & beyond Any New event
World Seniors (over 60’s) 2018 & beyond Any New event
Asian Grand Prix 2019 & beyond Asia 2018 in Singapore
Americas’ Cup 2021 & beyond America 2019 in Winnipeg, Canada
European Open 2019 & beyond Europe 2018 in Carlow, Ireland
Pacific International 2019 & beyond Oceania 2018 in Yarraville, Australia

Events can be combined; for example, a Major event could be combined with a World event, or two World events together. Combinations will be considered if proposed.

For more information please contact Phil Mumford via the Contact Us page..

Spring Cleanup

Menu Button

New Menu Button

We are currently in spring cleaning mode and will shortly roll out a new menu system which is more mobile and tablet friendly. This menu system is very different from the current “menu bar” one – this will disappear to be replaced with a single button at the top left hand corner which expands when clicked.

This should happen in the next few days. Note that it is only the start of a larger “new look” which will be rolled out over the next couple of months, applying to both sites.



[update 11-Feb]  I’ve delayed the rollout because the ‘responsiveness’ on mobile was not fully compliant.
…working on it…

Event Entries

World Billiards would like to clarify a number of issues regarding entering events:

We have experienced a number of instances recently with players trying to register for events by emailing or calling asking us to put them in to the tournament. We would like to make it clear that we cannot accept entries for any reason without completion of the relevant on-line entry form and payment of the entry fee before the closing date. Payment at the event or after the closing date is not an option.

There are numerous ways for players to enter events, including by PayPal, credit or debit card, bank transfer and via the Smartphone App. The onus really is on the player to find a way of using one of the entry methods available. If you think you may have problems with any of these five options, please don’t leave it to the last day to enter, as we may not be on hand to resolve the problem before entries close. Unfortunately we are not able to accept credit or debit card payments over the phone.

We cannot accept entries after the closing date and time under any circumstances. This is published on the website well in advance.

Please be aware that your name will only appear on the entry list once it has been approved by admin. This is a manual process and may take up to a few days depending on how you pay and when we are in front of a PC to actually approve it. Entries are not approved before the entry fee reaches us. Please don’t email us asking where your name is unless it has been more than three days since you entered. 

Our closing date has in the past usually been on the Sunday evening prior to the event taking place. This has now been brought forward to the Saturday afternoon, just less than one week from the start of the event. This is to allow our Tournament Director Steve Lock time to draw and schedule the events over a weekend rather than during the week when he is working in his full time job. This process begins the second the entries close.

Please note that closing dates and times may vary slightly depending on circumstances, so please keep an eye on the website for each event. 

Please be aware that we do not issue refunds of entry fees for players withdrawing from events after the entries have closed and entry fees are non-transferable. 

We do operate a reserve list for events in case a player does withdraw leaving a gap in the draw and schedule. If you have missed the closing date and would like to be placed on the reserve list please contact Tournament Director Steve Lock via the ‘Contact Us’ page. However, please be aware that players who would have been seeded had they entered before the closing date may not be able to come in as a replacement for an unseeded player.
Reserve players will be required to pay the applicable entry fee. 

Please note that as of September 1st 2016 we will no longer be accepting entry fees for tournaments by cheque or cash. If anyone feels they are unable to complete an online entry fee payment please contact us for assistance.

World Billiards



Social Secretary

As many of you will already be aware, Roy Bacon has recently been organising social nights at many of our events, usually on the Saturday evening at a local restaurant. This has until now been an informal arrangement but Roy has kindly agreed to become our official Social Secretary for all events. This will mean that once you enter a tournament you will receive an email from Roy with details of the social event and asking whether you wish to be included in the group booking.


At Balbir's Indian Restaurant during the recent World Team event in Glasgow

At Balbir’s Indian Restaurant during the recent World Team event in Glasgow.


These are usually well attended, fun nights and often it is where the draw for the KO stage of the event either takes place or is first announced.


Resignation of Jim Burke

It is with regret that I have resigned from the board of World Billiards Ltd.  I tendered it in Oct-2016 and completed this in Oct-2017.

My reasons for leaving are centred around the current running of the company. Since this is unlikely to change I feel that I am unable to contribute any more.

I wish to emphasis that I am leaving on good terms. I wish the new board – Phil, Steve, Jim and Jason the very best. They are well experienced and qualified to do an excellent job in progressing this great game.

Note that regarding the two WBL websites, I have agreed an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to continue to maintain them, therefore there will be little change there.

Jim Burke

New Short Format Rules


Current Rules

The forthcoming 100up World Billiards Championship will be played to the Official Rules of English Billiards as published by WPBSA in November 2014 with the following modifications:

Playing From In Hand 

Section 3, Rule 6 ‘Playing From In-Hand’
After (b) add:

If the striker comes to the table with their cue ball in hand as a result of the non-striker’s last turn, the striker can play directly on to a ball or balls in baulk for that shot only. At all other times the following will apply; (usual rules). 

What this means in practice is that if your opponent pockets your cue ball (or forces it off of the table), when you come to the table for your turn you have the option of playing into baulk from hand; effectively an open table. This will apply regardless of whether one or two balls are in baulk when coming to the table with ball in hand.

Several people have questioned how this rule would be applied following the initial break off shot. As the rule is worded, the second player wouldn’t be coming to the table ‘in hand as a result of the non-striker’s last turn‘ so therefore they wouldn’t be able to play in to baulk on their first shot. 

The Miss

Section 2, Rule 16 ‘Miss’
Section 3, Rule 16 ‘Action after a Miss’
Remove completely; all misses are fouls.

With the change of the ‘Playing From In Hand’ rule (above) the ‘miss’ would become largely redundant except when you do not leave a ball out of baulk yourself during your own visit. In this instance the striker must now hit a ball or it will be a foul and the usual penalties applied.

The Baulkline Rule

The Baulkline Crossing Rule will also be applied in this Championships.

Due to the nature of the 100-up format it is extremely important that the ‘Baulkline Warning’ is called at the correct time. In the unlikely event that the referee forgets to call ‘Baulkline Warning at 80’ (in a break), the onus is on the non-striker to highlight the error. If this is not corrected immediately it will be possible for the striker to win the frame with a 100 break without crossing the baulkline.

World Billiards





International Call for Referees


To: National Governing Bodies, Regional Federations and Billiards Referees.

The above event will take place at the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds, England from Friday 20th October until Wednesday 1st November.
This includes a Qualifying Competition, the World Open (Jim Williamson Memorial), the World Women’s Championship and of course the dual format World Championship.

We are looking for a total of 20 officials, from which a tournament committee of four plus 16 referees will be selected. All referees must be certificated by, and current members of their respective NGB and will be required to wear their full NGB uniform at all times; additional logos will be at the discretion of World Billiards.

Accommodation will be provided on a twin sharing basis with breakfast and one other meal per day. The hotel is adjacent to the venue.

Requests for upgrades and Class 3 exams will be scheduled at appropriate times. All such requests must be approved by the candidate’s NGB; private arrangements are not permissible.

All expressions of interest should be sent to:

Dan Lewis (Referees Liaison) dmkl@hotmail.co.uk
Steve Cowie (Tournament Controller) stevecowie@illawarrasnooker.com
Steve Lock (WBL Director of Tournaments) stephenml10@hotmail.com

World Billiards Ltd.

World Billiards




Officials confirmed so far:

1 Al Thede Canada
2 Brendan Devlin Ireland
3 Colin Whitelaw Scotland
4 CW Steiner Austria
5 Dan Lewis England
6 Derek Budde England
7 John Kehoe Ireland
8 John Squires England
9 John Wilde England
10 Kevin Christie Ireland
11 Martin O’Reilly England
12 Paul Cosgriff Australia
13 Philip N Brooke England
14 Randy Morningstar Canada
15 Steve Cowie Australia (Tournament Controller)
16 Vic Hartley England

2 Aug 2017

International Development Committee

We are progressing with our efforts to appoint an International Development Committee representing the five sporting regions of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. This is to facilitate the growth of the game worldwide and assist in the organising of events in those regions, particularly the continental Majors.

We have the following people currently appointed:

Greg Harder

Greg Harder










Carl-Walter Steiner










Mike Peachey










TBC (Africa)
TBC (Asia)

The people named above have already been busy in these positions for some time and we are confident that the fruits of their labour will become evident over the coming seasons.

All these representatives will act as a point of contact in their region for players, NGB’s and regional federations. Each regional Chairman will appoint their own sub-committee to help with their duties as and when required.

Olympic Regions

The five sporting regions of the world as defined by the IOC

Felipe Menegaz [Attribution, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

World Billiards

1 Aug 2017

British Isles Development Committee

With the amount of events now taking place in the British Isles and to assist with the accompanying workload, we have recently formed a British Isles Development Committee. The aim is to eventually have representation from each of the eight constituent countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

British Isles

British Isles


We have so far appointed the following people in association with their respective NGBs:


England: Chris Coumbe

Ireland: Brendan Devlin 

Jersey: Richard de la Haye

Scotland: Alan Shepherd 


Guernsey: (Vacant)

Isle of Man: (Vacant)

Northern Ireland: (Vacant)

Wales: (Vacant)



The main remit of this committee will be:

  • To foster and develop the game of English Billiards within the British Isles.
  • To assist in organising and promoting WBL events in the British Isles.
  • To liaise and engage with the National Governing Bodies in these countries.
  • To be a point of contact between WBL, NGBs and players in these countries.
  • To support National Championships and all other billiards activities organised by the NGBs in these countries.

Contact details will be added to our ‘Contact Us’ page shortly as part of a forthcoming revamp.


British Isles Flags

World Billiards

World Billiards Smartphone App

World Billiards now has an app for use on smartphones and tablets.

To get this app search for ‘Team App’ in your app store (Apple or Android devices only
at the moment) or click on the following buttons:





Download the Team App. When the app has installed successfully just open it, sign up
and search for ‘World Billiards’. Click on the World Billiards logo and then click ‘join’.


If you do not have a compatible device you can still sign up and use the app as a web
version by clicking the button below:

Find us on Team App


A few hints which will help when using this app:

  • Remember to click to ‘join’ World Billiards. This will ensure that you can view all of the available content.
  • Set your notifications to ‘on’ and whenever a new event or news article is added you will be informed.
  • The app is optimised for use in the ‘portrait’ format rather than landscape.
  • If you sign up to the web version only your notifications will come in the form of an email.
  • The web version is mainly for people currently without a compatible device; if you have the choice it really is best when used as an app.
  • Your login details are the same for both the web version and the app.
  • You can set the World Billiards logo as an app icon on your home screen: from the World Billiards app click ‘Settings‘ then ‘Install To Home Screen‘. This will open up a browser window. From there click the little box with an arrow pointing up (usually top right of browser) and then ‘Add to Home Screen‘ (this works well using an Apple device and Safari browser but we haven’t been able to test on other devices as yet).