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NSC Open Accommodation

HIE Leeds

HIE Leeds

The Holiday Inn Express next to the Northern Snooker Centre have a permanent special discount rate set up for anyone playing at the Northern Snooker Centre.

This is accessible by clicking here. The prices are a 20% discount on Best Flexible Rates, but are not permanent static prices so the earlier you book the better the deal.



To book you can also use the following options:

  1. Call the hotel direct +44(0)113 242 6200 and quote ‘Northern Snooker Centre”.
  2. Email the hotel at reservations@expressleeds.co.uk

The hotel are not holding rooms for us so it is first come first served.

We have experienced some confusion when players phone to book rooms so it is often better to book online if possible.


World Ladies Billiards Champions


Year Assoc Winner Runner Up Score
1931 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1932 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1933 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1934 WBSA Ruth Harrison
1935 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1936 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1937 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1938 WBSA Joyce Gardner
1939 WBSA Ruth Harrison
1940 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1941-48 [No Contest]
1949 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1950 WBSA Thelma Carpenter



Year Assoc Winner Runner-Up Score
1931 WBSA Ruth Harrison
1932 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1933 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1934 WBSA Thelma Carpenter
1935 WBSA Vera Seals
1936 WBSA Vera Seals
1937 WBSA Grace Phillips
1938 WBSA V McDougall
1939 WBSA V McDougall
1940 [No Contest]
1941 [No Contest]
1942 [No Contest]
1943 [No Contest]
1944 [No Contest]
1945 [No Contest]
1946 [No Contest]
1947 WBSA Sadie Isaacs
1948 WBSA E Morland Smith
1949 WBSA M Keeton
1950 WBSA Helen Futo
1951 [No Contest]
1952 WBSA E Morland Smith
1953 WBSA E Morland Smith
1954 WBSA Helen Futo
1955 WBSA Maureen Barrett
1956 WBSA Maureen Barrett
1957 [No Contest]
1958 [No Contest]
1959 WBSA Muriel Hazeldine
1960 WBSA Maureen Barrett
1961 [No Contest]
1962 WBSA Dorothea Hindmarch
1963 WBSA Sadie Isaacs
1964 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1965 WBSA Vera Youle
1966 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1967 WBSA Dorothea Hindmarch
1968 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1969 WBSA Dorothea Hindmarch
1970 WBSA Vera Selby
1971 WBSA Vera Selby
1972 WBSA Vera Selby
1973 WBSA Vera Selby
1974 WBSA Vera Selby
1975 [No Contest]
1976 WBSA Vera Selby
1977 WBSA Vera Selby
1978 WBSA Vera Selby
1979 WBSA Maureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1980 [No Contest]
1981 [No Contest]
1982 [No Contest]
1983 [No Contest]
1984 [No Contest]
1985 [No Contest]
1986 [No Contest]
1987 [No Contest]
1988 [No Contest]
1989 [No Contest]
1990 [No Contest]
1991 [No Contest]
1992 [No Contest]
1993 [No Contest]
1994 [No Contest]
1995 [No Contest]
1996 [No Contest]
1997 [No Contest]
1998 WLBSA Karen Corr Emma Bonney 403-219
1999 WLBSA Karen Corr Kelly Fisher 354-276
2000 WLBSA Emma Bonney Caroline Walch 218-50
2001 WLBSA Kelly Fisher Emma Bonney 290-219
2002 WLBSA Emma Bonney Kelly Fisher 227-196
2003 WLBSA Kelly Fisher Emma Bonney 299-155
2004 [No Contest]
2005 WLBSA Anuja Thakur Lynette Horsburgh 243-136
2006 WLBSA Chitra Magimairaj Emma Bonney 193-164
2007 WLBSA Chitra Magimairaj Emma Bonney 187-148
2008 WLBSA Emma Bonney Eva Palmius 216-119
2009 WLBSA Emma Bonney Chitra Magimairaj 272-118
2010 WLBSA Emma Bonney Chitra Magimairaj 269-220
2011 WLBSA Emma Bonney Tina Owen-Sevilton 202-181
2012 WLBSA Revanna Umadevi Emma Bonney 201-143
2013 WLBSA Emma Bonney Eva Palmius 329-207
2014Apr WLBSA Emma Bonney Revanna Umadevi 226-209
2014Oct WLBSA Emma Bonney Revanna Umadevi 237-191
2015 WLBSA Emma Bonney Rochy Woods 334-119
2016 WLBS Emma Bonney Revanna Umadevi 239-169
2017 WLBS

In the 1937 World Professional Championship, Ruth Harrison recorded a break of 197, a competitive world record for ladies billiards which still stands today.

31 Mar 2015

2014/15 Calendar of Events

Below are dates for the 2014/15 season.

SEP 23-25   Hamilton Open Hamilton, NZ EBOS 1 x0.5 Complete
SEP 26-28   New Zealand Open Hamilton, NZ EBOS 1 x0.5 Complete 
  OCT 17   2014 World Championship (Qual) Northern SC, Leeds Complete
  OCT 18-19   Jim Williamson Memorial Northern SC, Leeds EBOS 3 x1 Complete
  OCT 20-24   2014 World Championship (150up) Northern SC, Leeds MAJOR 5 x2 Complete 
  OCT 25-29   2014 World Championship (Timed) Northern SC, Leeds MAJOR 5 x2 Complete
  OCT 28   World Ladies Championship Northern SC, Leeds Complete 
  DEC 06-07   Bradford Open Cue Gardens EBOS 1 x0.5 Complete
  FEB 14-15   Scottish Open Edinburgh Corn Exc. EBOS 3 x1 Complete
MAR 28-29 English Open Cambridge SC EBOS 3 x1 Complete
  MAY 16-17   Irish Open Ivy Rooms, Carlow EBOS 3 x1 Complete
  MAY 17-20   European Open Ivy Rooms, Carlow MAJOR 5 x2 Complete
  MAY 23-25   Vimy Ridge Classic Winnipeg, Canada EBOS 3 x1 Complete
    MAY 25-29     Americas’ Cup Winnipeg, Canada MAJOR 5 x2 Complete
  JUN 16-20   Australian Open Yarraville Club EBOS 3 x1 Complete
  AUG 15-16   LITEtask UK Open Northern SC, Leeds PREMIER 4 x1.5 Complete

For next season (2015/16) Calendar of Events click here.

English Open Accommodation

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to secure a group booking deal with any of the hotels local to this event. However, below are some options:

There are two hotels next to each other which are a 5 minute walk from the venue: they are a Travelodge and a Premier Inn and are both in Newmarket Road. You can find details of these hotels here and here.

About 1.5 miles from the venue is the Holiday Inn Express, see here.

There are a number of Travelodges in and around Cambridge; the cheapest seem to be Swavesey (3 miles from venue), Orchard Park (3 miles), Lolworth (7.5 miles) and Fourwentways (8 miles).

There are also numerous Bed & Breakfasts in and around Cambridge. One which is walking distance from the venue is Parkview Guesthouse in Vinery Road. Many others can be found on www.cambridgebedandbreakfasts.comwww.cambridge.co.uk and www.visitcambridge.org.

15 Aug 2014

2013/14 Calendar of Events


Here are the dates for the 2013/14 season.

13/14 SEP 14 – 15  
The East Midlands Open Q Club, Boston EBOS 2 (x0.75) Complete
  OCT 19 – 20   Jim Williamson Memorial Northern SC, Leeds EBOS 3 (x1) Complete
  OCT 21 – 25   World Championship (150 up) Northern SC, Leeds Level 5 ‘Major’ (x2) Complete
  OCT 26 – 30  
World Championship (Long up) Northern SC, Leeds Level 5 ‘Major’ (x2) Complete
  DEC 14 – 15   English Open Cambridge SC EBOS 3 (x1) Complete
  JAN 25 – 26   Scottish Open Ball Room, Glasgow EBOS 1 (x0.5) Complete
  FEB 15 – 16   Irish Open Ivy Rooms, Carlow EBOS 3 (x1) Complete
  MAR 29 – 30    Bradford Open Cue Gardens, Bradford EBOS 1 (x0.5) Complete
  APR 23   World Ladies Championship Northern SC, Leeds n/a Complete
  MAY 17 – 18   English Open Cambridge SC EBOS 3 (x1) Complete
  JUN 17 – 21   Australian Open Yarraville Club, VIC Level 4 (x 1.5) Complete
  AUG  9 – 10   Glasgow Open Ball Room, Glasgow Level 1 (x0.5) Complete
  AUG 11 – 14  
World Team Championship Ball Room, Glasgow n/a Complete
  AUG 23 – 24   Northern SC Open Northern SC, Leeds EBOS 2 (x 0.75) Complete

Click here for the 2012/13 Calendar of Events.

10 Aug 2014

World Billiards Team Championship


World Team

World Billiards are delighted to announce the very first World Billiards Team Championship. This will coincide with the the XX Commonwealth GamesGlasgow 2014.
Note that this is a another joint production with the IBSF.
There will be the customary 2-day warmup event preceding (the Glasgow Open), thereby offering a full six days Billiards festival.

MEDIA:- The Opening Ceremony was well supported and had a few surprises, as was the Curry Night !!  View pics of the Prizegiving here.

the Piper

the Piper

India B win an exciting final 5 games to 4 against India A.

 1st  £ 2000  India B
 2nd  £ 1000  India A
 3rd   £ 500  England
 4th   £ 250  Rep of Ireland
 High Break   £ 100  Sourav Kothari (320)
 Highest 1-hour score
(Group Stage)
  £ 75  Pankaj Advani (900)
 Highest Team Score
(Group Stage)
  £ 75  India B
 Total     £ 4000 


India B Rupesh Shah 160 163 B. Bhaskar India A
India B Pankaj Advani 439 193 Alok Kumar India A
India B Devendra Joshi 189 271 Sourav Kothari India A
India B Pankaj Advani 242 214 B. Bhaskar India A
India B Rupesh Shah 161 384 Sourav Kothari India A
India B Ashok Shandilya 442 132 Alok Kumar India A
India B Pankaj Advani 613 116 Sourav Kothari India A
India B Rupesh Shah 379 90 Alok Kumar India A
India B Ashok Shandilya 245 353 B. Bhaskar India A


India B Ashok Shandilya 393 126 Larry Drennan Rep of Ireland _
India B Devendra Joshi 368 181 John Kehoe Rep of Ireland _
India B Rupesh Shah 284 140 Wayne Doyle Rep of Ireland _
India B Rupesh Shah 327 170 Larry Drennan Rep of Ireland _
India B Pankaj Advani 573 137 Wayne Doyle Rep of Ireland _
India B Ashok Shandilya 332 171 John Kehoe Rep of Ireland _
India A B. Bhaskar 523 62 Chris Taylor England A
India A Dhruv Sitwala 220 248 Phil Mumford England A
India A Sourav 275 271 Rob Hall England A
India A Sourav Kothari 503 208 Chris Taylor England A
India A Alok Kumar 258 257 Rob Hall England A
India A B. Bhaskar 297 238 Phil Mumford England A



2014 Bradford Open


Congratulations to David Causier who defeated Martin Goodwill 836 – 331 in the final of the Bradford Open today, making the highest break of 731 in the process.

“As I was entering Dave’s breaks for the Last 16 (63, 124,123, 135, 121, 215, 94, 85) he was looking over my shoulder. I complained to him about my data entry task, lots of piddly breaks separated by commas. I asked if he couldn’t be a bit more considerate and just score one big one. What did he do in the Final ?”

The Plate competition was won by David Nichols, who put in an ominous performance on his return to competitive play after an absence of 7 years. He compiled the highest break of the event (156) in his 475 – 75 defeat of Peter Johnson in the one hour final.  His other breaks were 88 unf, 84, 72 unf, and 57. 

Cue Gardens

Cue Gardens, Bradford







Click here to see the full results.

This event was organised in conjunction with The English Association of Snooker and Billiards.

2013 East Midlands Open


The first event of the new 2013/14 season took place at the Q-Club in Boston on 14th & 15th September. The East Midlands Open was won by Rob Hall who defeated Martin Goodwill in the final 497-192, reversing the result from the last time this event took place in Raunds in 2010.

For all results click here.

The Plate Competition was won by local player Eamonn Taylor who beat Tony French in the final 200-148. For Plate results see here.

Our thanks must go to Chris Taylor and his team at the Q-Club for their hospitality and for the fantastic conditions they provided for us at the club.

The Americas’ Cup


The Americas’ Cup occurred at the Manitoba Club in Winnipeg, Canada, between 24th & 29th August 2013.

Mike Russell defeated Martin Goodwill 1250-587 in the final of the first Americas’ Cup Billiards Championship held in Winnipeg, Canada. Mike also recorded the highest break of the event with 397 in the final.

Final result here.
Semi Final results here.
Quarter Final results here.
Last 16 results here.
For the final Group positions, click here.

Rob Hall defeated Phil Mumford 439-238 in the final of the Vimy Ridge Classic. Results here.

Report [Day 1] (VEBL Vimy Ridge Classic Group Stage)
Report [Day 2] (VEBL Vimy Ridge Classic KO Stage)
Report [Day 3] (Americas’ Cup Group Stage)
Report [Day 4] (Americas’ Cup Group Stage)
Report [Day 5] (Americas’ Cup Last 16 & Quarter Finals)
Report [Day 6] (Americas’ Cup Semi Finals & Final)

Read the pre tournament PRESS RELEASE from the Canadian Tournament Committee.

For local press coverage of the event see the Winnipeg Free Press and Canstar News.

! For the Manitoba Club newsletter with a feature on the events click here.

There were two events, the first of which was a two day weekend EBOS event called The VEBL Vimy Ridge Classic, played under the standard format, with Timed matches and a Plate competition. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought in France by Canadian troops in World War 1. When those troops returned to Canada they were instrumental in forming the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League, and the naming of this tournament is a tribute to those events.

This served as a warm up to the main event, The Americas’ Cup which used the single game Long Up format and was played over the remaining four days.

The seeds for an event in Canada were sowed as far back as 2006 when we first made contact with the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League; www.wvebl.com. This league was established in 1921 and currently consists of around 90 players playing in teams of 8 players. For various reasons it has taken the intervening 7 years to turn the original idea in to a reality. Our thanks must go to the team of enthusiasts in Winnipeg for their hard work in bringing this event to fruition.



“The Americas Cup”

We’ve had the first “Continental Challenge”
Played over the format of ‘long up’
Promoted and run by “World Billiards Limited”
It was called “The Americas Cup”.

Hosted by the “Winnipeg Veterans League”
The “Manitoba Club” holding the event
With players from numerous countries
From the 4 corners to Canada they went.

With Mike Russell the eventual champion
Recording a 397, the highest break
Beating Martin Goodwill in the final
The “Challenge Cup” title to take.

Preceded by “The Vimy Ridge Open”
Played over the timed format
With Rob Hall winning the main event
And two Canadians contesting the Plate.

We look forward to their second Challenge event
In spring of two thousand and fifteen
So make a date in your Billiards event diaries
And in Manitoba you’ll all be seen.

Dee-Em Kayell                              October 2013


Canada [Day 6]



Semi Finals
Another increase in match length to 1000up allowed the players to stretch their wings a bit more than had been possible in the previous rounds. Winner of the Vimy Ridge Classic Rob Hall was unable to capitalise however, several 50+ breaks were no match for the scoring power of the 16 time world champion Mike Russell who simply overpowered Hall with breaks of 181,191 & 205 in winning 1000-498.

In the other semi final, the last remaining Indian Devendra Joshi put up a stiffer challenge to Martin Goodwill, but he too couldn’t manage a century; 92 being his best effort. Goodwill combined consistent break building (125,97,97,72) with his vast experience to carve out a 1000-707 victory and set up a final against Mike Russell, the player he had beaten quite comfortably in the quarter final of the Vimy Ridge Classic 4 days earlier.

Following the shock result in their match in the previous event there was certainly an air of expectation for the rematch, and some obvious needle between the two players all added to the anticipation. Martin was going to need a good start to be in with a chance of holding the ex world champion over the longer distance but Mike had other ideas. Following an initial break of 97 he crafted the highest break of the whole 6 days with a run of 397 to put a lot of fresh air between the two players on the scoreboard. Martin continued to battle by trying to dictate the pace of the match and closed the gap with breaks of 122 & 85, but the damage was done in the first session. Following a few smaller breaks Russell closed out the match with an unfinished break of 190; final score 1250-587.

After the final Mike Russell thanked the organisers in Canada and also apologised for not performing to his usual high standard this week. Whilst he certainly wasn’t scaling the heights of some of his previous performances in terms of breaks made, Mike treated the Winnipeg billiards fraternity to some skills the like of which they have not seen before, and it will have not gone unnoticed by those familiar with his play that he is cueing as well as he has ever done. Despite not being the current World Champion it will be a brave person who would bet against him regaining that title in 7 weeks time in Leeds.

Winner £2,600.00 ? $4,247.52 Mike Russell
Runner-Up £1,300.00 ? $2,123.76 Martin Goodwill
Semi Finalists £650.00 ? $1,061.88 Devendra Joshi / Rob Hall
Quarter Finalists £325.00 ? $530.94 Dhruv Sitwala / Phil Mumford / Nalin Patel / Chris Taylor
Last 16 £175.00 ? $285.89 Grant Thiessen / Guy Heys / Steve Jones / Fraser Durham
Daniel Scullion / Warren Dyer / Rick Kendall / Garry Marshall
High Break £100.00 ? $163.37 Mike Russell (397)
TOTAL £8,000.00 ? $13,069.31