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World Championships – 25-Oct-2012

Time Format

Hall falls short by just 2 points

Rob Hall

It is hard to believe that a player after putting so much effort and exceptional play in order to recover from a sizeable lead set by the opponent, fails at the photo-finish just because the clock runs out. This was the scene today in the match between Rob Hall (England) and Rupesh Shah (India) where Hall trailed by just 2 points when last bell rang. He gave a terrific performance in those closing moments but when he needed the last two points to draw level, he couldn’t pot the red because the tournament director announced time-up. Though Hall sportingly accepted that as a part of the game, the sheer disappointment was evident from him.

Geet Sethi also recovered in the second session of the match against Robin Wilson (England). Though Robin had no big breaks he played well and built a lead of 150 points at the end of the first session. In the second session Geet came from behind and produced three breaks of 163, 97 and 70 to recover comfortably and set a winning margin of 161 points.

Points Format

Peter on fire

Peter Gilchrist

Peter Gilchrist made two big dents in the Indian camp. After defeating former world champion Geet Sethi last night he knocked out Pankaj Advani, another world champion from India today in the points format quarter final match.

Peter made his intentions clear right from the start when he claimed the first game against the expectations of crowed witnessing the match. Pankaj instantly replied by winning the next game but after that Peter did not allow Pankaj to remain at the table.  In the third frame he crafted a magnificent unfinished break of 150 and then 78, 51, 75 breaks in subsequent games to settle the match score 4-1 in his favour.

Disappointed Pankaj praised the high quality played by Peter especially after losing the time event match in the morning to Russell. Pankaj switched off immediately and moved  to focus on his timed event quarter final scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Matthew Bolton also played brilliantly to outplay Devendra Joshi from India. Leaving no chance for Joshi at any stage he produced breaks after break and knocked out Joshi in straight set of games 4-NIL.

All four Semi finalists come from different part sof the world. Peter from Singapore will play against Rupesh Shah of India, and Matthew Bolton (Australia) will take on David Causier (England).


World Championships – 24-Oct-2012

Time Format

Matthew Sutton wins close match against Arun Agrawal; similarly Bhaskar against Devendra Joshi.

Matthew Suttton

Matthew Suttton

Matthew Sutton (England) had a close match against Indian player Arun Agrawal and managed to win by 19 points to move into the Last 16 stage of the time format. The players progressed neck and neck where both registered small but decent breaks. In the last two minutes play of the match, Sutton gave a chance to Arun who was trailing by 44 points at that point. Arun immediately slipped up a gear playing quick scoring shots to utilize those two minutes in order to take the lead and win the match. His attempt was in vain however when he missed a simple shot when he was trailing 14 points in the closing 30 seconds. The result was already decided but in those last seconds Sutton scored 5 more points to seal the match 427-408 and confirm his place in the last 16. The only high break in the match was 98 by Sutton.

Almost the same result was recorded in the second session match on table No.3 where Balachandra Bhaskar outplayed his compatriot and former world No.2 Devendra Joshi. Though Joshi had two century breaks (174 and 110), Bhaskar kept scoring as and when he got the chance and finally he left Joshi behind by 15 points to move into the last 16. Bhaskar had breaks of 114, 79, and 86 during the match.

Pankaj Advani, Geet Sethi and Mike Russell had their usual high scoring in two hours play as they each scored more than 1000 points in their respective matches with the help of multiple century breaks.

The last 16 stage matches in the time format will be played tomorrow morning and the matches for last 16 stage for points format will be played today at 1700 hours UK time.


Points Format

Rupesh knocks out Russell !

In the late evening matches for last-16 stage of point format there was a shocking result where former world champion Rupesh Shah defeated the defending champion Mike Russell who is representing Qatar in the championship.

Rupesh Shah

Rupesh Shah

After losing first game to Rupesh, Russell had a good start in next two games where he produced two consecutive breaks of 150 (unfinished) and 101 to take a lead of 2 games to 1 over Rupesh.

Rupesh returned to the game by producing a break of 71 in fourth game to level the match and subsequently another game by crafting another break of 127 to gain a lead of 3-2 over Russell.

In the sixth game Rupesh produced two breaks of 72 and 61 to gain a lead of 130 points when he fumbled and gave a couple of chances to Russell. By this time nerves were affecting both the cueists and consequently both were missing normal shots. Finally Russell got an opening that he converted into a break of 67 but missed a straight pot at top-table to open the door to Rupesh. Rupesh had a last chance which he did not squander, gaining his dream victory.

Thrilled Rupesh said “It was not easy to make a comeback from 2-1 down and that against a legendary player like Russell”. “When I got a break of 71 and 127 in fourth and fifth frame, I started looking for a positive result” he added.

He continued “In the last game I was going well but when I missed on the score of 131, there was a feeling of so near yet so far. But finally I managed to win”

Where there was a happiness in the Indian camp, some disappointment also prevailed when on table No.5 former world champion Peter Gilchrist from Singapore outplayed multiple time world champion Geet Sethi 4 games to 1. Geet had chances in the initial games but Peter capitalized the match very well in the end. Geet managed to win only one game i.e. game no.3.

World Championships – 23-Oct-2012

Pankaj Advani

Pankaj Advani

Pankaj Advani obtained top-seed in the knockout draw (time format) of the World Billiards Championship 2012 which is being played at Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds, England.

Pankaj secured the top slot by winning all four matches in group stage having 2580 points difference with an average of 645.00. The next best average was of Matthew Bolton who earned 2463 points at an average of 615.75.

Total 14 Indian players qualified for the knockout stage and out of that Geet Sethi, Dhruv Sitwala, Sourav Kothari, Bhaskar, Rupesh Shah and Arun Agrawal were group toppers alongwith Pankaj Advani.

For number 2 slots in group standing, Manish Jain, Ashok Shandilya and Siddharth Parikh qualified an moved into knockout stage.

There were 8 slots for best 8 of group number 3 and for that Alok Kumar, Devendra Joshi, Dhvaj Haria and the lady player R. Umadevi got the entry from India.

Devendra Joshi managed to qualify in the last moments of play. Hwang Chulho of South Korea was leading by 180 points in the last moments of play when Joshi shifted the gear and run around the table to win the match by mere 18 points and get qualification for knockout. His last moment break of 197 mesmerized everybody witnessed the match. The final score was 385-367 in favour of Joshi.

On the other side 13 players from England also got qualified for last-32 knockout stage (time format). Amongst them David Causier was ahead with 1939 points difference (average 484.75). The other players qualified from England are John Hartley, Robin Wilson, Martin Goodwill, Nalin Patel, Christopher Taylor, Steve Brookshaw, Ian Williamson, Matthew Suton, Ryan Mears, Phil Mumford, Robert Hall and Phil Davis.

Three Australian entries into knockout stage are Michael Pearson and son-father duo Matthew and Neil Bolton. Mike Russell (Qatar) and Peter Gilchrist (Singapore) also moved into knockout stage as winners from their respective groups.

World Championships – 22-Oct-2012

Eva Palmius

All the players got back to serious business after two days break from the World Championship.
The first session players went to the tables to take on their opponents and to better the position in the groups tally.

In the 10 AM matches, three lady participants did exceptionally well and defeated their opponents in time format matches.

  1. Revanna Umadevi of India registered a huge margin win over Christian Pleschko of Austria. Uma was 200 points ahead as half time passed and then constantly increasing the margin. Finally she won the match by 391 points.
  2. Eva Palmius had a close match but at the end of 90 minutes play, she managed to win match against Martin Budge of Guernsey by 50 points.
  3. Arantxa Sanchis registered a 40 points win over Peter Johnson of England.

I am sure that these wins have raised the confidence level to play in such championships where women are allowed to participate with men.

In the second session most of the matches were as per the results predicted. Only Geet Sethi of India had a high scoring match where he produced four century breaks of 194, 155, 194 and 100 to defeat Derek O’Neill of Ireland 862-85.

World Championships – 21-Oct-2012

Mike Russell wins the 2012 Jim Williamson Memorial trophy

2012 Jim Williamson Trophy

2012 Jim Williamson Trophy


Russell, representing Qatar, defeated Matthew Bolton of Australia by 139 points to lift the winner’s trophy of Jim Williamson Memorial World Open Billiards for the year 2012.

Mike had two breaks of 228 and 148 points in the final to score 531 points in total. On the other side, Matthew Bolton managed to produce only one century break of 111 points in the first few minutes after the match started

Earlier both the finalist, Russell and Bolton had good 400 plus breaks in the semi-finals to defeat their opponents i.e. Geet Sethi and Peter Gilchrist respectively. Initially Geet was leading by 200 points when Mike Russell produced a break of 514 to left Geet with no chance of recovery.

Similar story was on Table No.2 where Bolton outplayed Gilchrist in same fashion.

Chris Williamson, the owner of Northern Snooker Centre and son of Late Mr. Jim Williamson presented trophies to the winner and runner-up.

World Championships – 20-Oct-2012

Geet Sethi officiating as referee

On a bright sunny Saturday morning the players were much relaxed as they knew they have a rest from the world championship in the name of the Jim Williamson Memorial This is an annual affair and takes place every year alongside the world championship at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds

It is a competitive though but overall fun event where players also play different roles such as player and official. We even found Geet Sethi officiating for the match between Matthew Bolton from Australia and Siddharth Parikh from India. Other players also officiated in different matches

The late evening had one session for world championship group stage matches of time format where Alok Kumar, former Asian Billiards champion defeated former world no.2 David Causier by a margin of more than 100 points. Alok dominated the match from the start. With speedy scoring he took a comfortable lead over Causier. In the first 30 minutes Alok was leading by 100 points and by the next 30 minutes, Alok had a lead of nearly 300 points

Causier went for a recovery in last 30 minutes and managed to reduce the deficit. In fact he had a break of 167 points in the dying moments but not enough to save the match in the available time left. The final score was 593-477 in favour of Alok

Peter Gilchrist (Singapore) also registered a comfortable win over Ashok Shandilya (India). Peter kept scoring consistently and did not give many chances to Ashok. Even in the initial stages, there were 150 points on board for Peter but Ashok had not opened his account. Later he got some scoring shots but Peter maintained his lead and won the match by 367 points victory margin

Another interesting result was from Table No.2 where Christopher Taylor (England) defeated multiple World No.2 Devendra Joshi (India) in a very low scoring match. Christopher had two breaks of 119 and 143 in the initial and last moments of matches respectively whereas Joshi was trying to recover in-between but ultimately lost. Joshi had only one break of 63 points. The final score of the match was 375-266 in favour of Christopher

On 21st October the day is again reserved for knockout stage matches of JW Memorial tournament but in the late evening there are two matches at 5 PM and 12 matches at 8:30 PM.

World Championships – 19-Oct-2012

The group stage matches of the world billiards championship started today here in Leeds, England with a commitment to showcase the three ball game. English Billiards has a long history and time to time the experts of the game keep changing technical aspects to enhance the glory of the game. The same happened this year also, which is in detail on the website www.world-billiards.com.

Until last year there were two different bodies i.e. the IBSF and WPBSA were organizing three different world championships. Now, as a result of several years of work between the WBPSA and the IBSF to unite forces and to offer to all players in the world, amateur or professional a unique competition especially organized for them.

The championship has started at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds with a record entry of 65 players from 15 countries.

The groups had slots for four qualifiers too, which means more players have chances to become a part of this championship. This year a total of 9 cueists took part in the qualifications and in that, Martin Goodwill (England), Ian Williamson (England), Manish Jain (India) and Jaiveer Dhingra succeeded in winning entry into the main round matches scheduled from today.

There was an opening ceremony yesterday and before that all players and referees were also appraised with the rules of this championship.

Match Details

David Causier

In the first session, David Causier (England) scored 926 points in 90 minutes, registering breaks of 240, 155 and 145. He defeated Grant Meadley of Australia. On the other table, Pankaj produced another double century break (212 points). He scored total 874 points to defeat Martin Schmidt of Austria.

Peter Gilchrist of Singapore scored only 478 in 90 minutes, comparatively less but comfortable enough to win the match against Wayne Carey of New Zealand.

The only upset in the first session was Devendra Joshi, who lost to Michael Pearson (Australia) by just 43 points. Pearson started well, scoring breaks of 101 and 157, building a good lead over Joshi. Joshi tried to recover but fell short as time ran out. Joshi, however, produced a break of 182 before bowing to Pearson.

In the second session matches, two lady participants, Eva Palmius (England) and Anna Lynch (Australia) had their matches against John Hartley (England) and Wayne Doyle (Ireland) respectively. Both gave a good competitive fight to their opponents although they lost. Eva made a break of 40 in her total score of 222.

The English player, Martin Goodwill who reached into main round after playing qualification yesterday, defeated Alok Kumar with a comfortable margin. Though Martin had no big breaks he had consistent breaks of 53, 73, 95 points which helped him to defeat Alok.

David Causier, today in his second session match against Mark Nolan scored a break of 456 to defeat him by a huge margin of 936 points. Since the start he was constantly looking for a big break but missed on multiple times below 100 points break. Lastly on his 6th attempt he made it with a big one that ended on 456 when he missed a simple red pot at top of the table. The final score of the match was 1072-136 with an average of 107 per visit.

In the same session, the lady player Arantxa Sanchis of India also scored a break of 53 points while playing against compatriot, Dhruv Sitwala. Though she lost the match but she was leading by 60 points initially.

Rupesh Shah of India survived against Jonathan Bagley (England) and managed to register match win by a mere 16 points. Rupesh, however, had a break of 117 but Jonathan kept chasing him and had two breaks of 53 and 59.

Another even more exciting match in the morning session was where victory was decided by a single point. Wayne Carey of New Zealand made two breaks of 91 and 59 points to defeat Robert Hall in the dying seconds. The final score was 308-307 in favour of Wayne Carey.

Later today, there was another shocking result where former World No.2 Dhruv Sitwala lost to his compatriot Arun Agarwal in straight sets of the game. Dhruv was in a commanding position in the first game but when he made a mistake on 127, Arun punished him with a break of 69 to take the lead 1-nil. In the next game, Arun had another break of 118 and doubled his lead. Shattered Dhruv tried to make a comeback and had a break of 86 but Arun controlled the game to register a win over Dhruv.

Late Evening matches on 18th October

Cue-less Parikh made big breaks using a fellow player’s cue.

Siddharth Parikh

It is understandable to be anxious when you are told that Airline staff have misplaced the cue with which you are going to play the World Championship, but Siddharth Parikh transited from that anxiety and used a different cue to play his first match against Jonathan Bagley (England) yesterday and scored 463 in 90 minutes constructing two breaks of 119 and 193. After that he played two more matches and won them comfortably.

In the late night match yesterday, Revanna Umadevi of India also registered her first win in this championship. She defeated Jonny Evans of England 3-1 in the match which ended late at night.