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Player Registrations

Players registered – 2018 Scottish Open

Barry Russell
Steve Brookshaw
Chris Coumbe
Alan Shepherd
Aonghus McAnally
Sushrut Pandia

Players registered – 2017 British Open

Chris Mitchell
Chris Bishop
Ryan Mears
Ryan Davies
Robert Hall
Eddie Fielding
Chris Taylor
Adam Clarke
Eddie Duggan
Darren Clark
David Causier
Jamie Jenkins
Terry McAdam
Jonathan Marwood
Mick White
Sam Walker
Stephen Kershaw
Brian Pritchard
Mark Hill
Paul Devitt
Steven Wilman
Alan Shepherd
Peter Gilchrist
Sushrut Pandia
Barry Russell
Steve Brookshaw
Chris Coumbe
Philip Davis
Paul McGowan

The 2018 Scottish Open

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The 2017 British Open

Players registered – 2017 World Women’s Championship

Eva Palmius
Emma Bonney
Gaye Jones

2017 World Women’s Billiards Championship

Players registered – 2017 WC Qualifier

Jason Devanney
Graham Guest
Sam Walker
David Atkinson
Gaye Jones
John Bedford
Brian Pritchard

2017 WC Qualifier

Players registered – 2017 WC (both formats)

2017 WC (both formats)