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13 Jan 2019

2019 Scottish Open

The 2019 Scottish Open

For the Elden Cup

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th January


The 2018 Scottish Open will take place on Saturday & Sunday 26th & 27th January at Styx, Kirkcaldy.

This event has now been upgraded to a level 4 event with £3000+ prize money and x1.5 ranking points.

Hugh Elden

Hugh Elden

Due to extra sponsorship the entry fee will remain at £40.

To enter click here.

To see the entry list click here.

To see info about entering events see here.

This tournament will be the last ranking event before the Order of Merit
cut-off point for the
World Matchplay in April. 

For details of travel and accommodation see here.

Any referees willing to officiate at this event please contact Alan Shepherd or Colin Whitelaw.


The Scottish Open trophy is named the Elden Cup in memory of Hugh Elden who represented Scotland in the 2013 World Team Championship and won the
2014 Scottish Championship. Hugh sadly passed away in 2015.



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Entries will close in:

at 13:00UTC on Saturday 19th January



12 Nov 2018

2019 World Matchplay Championship

The 2019 short format World Championship is being re-named the World Matchplay Billiards Championship, inheriting the name of a WPBSA billiards tournament which took place up until 2002 (see below).

This will be played under the 100-up, multiple games format with modified rules (see here). It will take place between 22nd and 26th of April 2019 in Leeds and will be preceded by the UK Open and a Qualifying Tournament.

There will also be a new Women’s Matchplay event.

The cut off point for the Order of Merit for WBL nominated entries will be 1st February (following the Scottish Open).

Seeding will be based on the Ranking List as at 1st April (following the English Open).

See here for the prize money breakdown.

For the entry criteria see here.



The World Matchplay Billiards Championship took place between 1989 and 2002 and the winners were:

1989 Mike Russell [150up]
1990 Mike Russell [150up]
1996 Mike Russell [150up]
1997 Robby Foldvari [100up]
1998 Mike Russell [100up]
1999 Geet Sethi [Timed]
2000 Peter Gilchrist [Long Up]
2001 Mike Russell [Timed]
2002 Chris Shutt [Timed]


Our own short format champions are as follows:

2012 Rupesh Shah [150up]
2013 David Causier [150up]
2014 Pankaj Advani [150up]
2015 David Causier [150up]
2016 David Causier [100up]
2017 David Causier [100up]
2019 [100up]

12 Nov 2018

2018/19 Calendar of Events

Dates for 2018/19:

# 2018 Event City, Country Level Status
1 AUG 31-02 IB&SA Illawarra Open Wollongong, Australia 3 Results
2 SEP 04-06 Christchurch Open (Alan Parris Trophy) Christchurch, NZ 1 Results
3 SEP 07-09 NZBSA New Zealand Open Christchurch, NZ 1 Results
OCT 19 World Championship Qualifier Leeds, England Results
4 OCT 20-21 World Open (Jim Williamson Trophy) Leeds, England 3 Results
5 OCT 22-26 World Billiards Championship Leeds, England 5  Results
OCT 25 WLBS World Women’s Championship Leeds, England Results
6 NOV 09-11 QBSA Queensland Open Redcliffe, Australia 2 Results
7 DEC 01-02 British Open Bradford, England 3 Results
8 JAN 26-27 Scottish Open Kirkcaldy, Scotland 4 Confirmed
9 MAR 22-24 Sydney Open Sydney, Australia 4 Confirmed
10 MAR 30-31 English Open Cambridge, England 3 Confirmed
APR 19 World Matchplay Qualifier Leeds, England Confirmed
11 APR 20-21 UK Open Leeds, England 4 Confirmed
12 APR 22-26 World Matchplay Billiards Championship Leeds, England 5  Confirmed
APR 25 World Women’s Matchplay Leeds, England Confirmed
APR 27-28 WPBSA Billiards Coaching Course Leeds, England Confirmed
APR 29 Billiards Coaching Seminar Leeds, England Confirmed
13 MAY 18-19 RIBSA Irish Open Carlow, Ireland 3 Confirmed
14 MAY 20-22 European Open Carlow, Ireland 5 Confirmed
15 MAY 25-26 WVEBL Vimy Ridge Classic Winnipeg, Canada 3 Confirmed
16 MAY 27-31 Pan-Am Cup Winnipeg, Canada 5 Confirmed
17 JUN 11-14 Pacific International * Melbourne, Australia 5 Confirmed
18 JUL 27-28 Welsh Open Cwmbran, Wales 3 Confirmed
19 AUG 09-11 Illawarra Open Australia 3 Confirmed
20 AUG 17-18 NSC Open Leeds, England 2 TBC
2019/20 Season
SEP TBC NZBSA New Zealand Open New Zealand TBC TBC
SEP 28-29 Austrian Open Vienna, Austria TBC Confirmed
OCT TBC World Billiards Championship TBC 5 TBC
NOV TBC Queensland Open Australia TBC TBC
NOV 23-24 British Open TBC 3 TBC

The Pacific International billiards event in Australia is part of a seven day billiards and snooker week. The billiards event is preceded by a three day Australian open snooker tournament, which is open to anyone.

Please note: only when dates are confirmed on this website are they fully confirmed. Please do not book travel or accommodation on the basis of having seen dates for events published elsewhere. If the event ‚ÄėStatus‚Äô column above is marked as ‚ÄėTBC‚Äô then there is a reason.

Dates subject to change. Please check back for further details as they are confirmed.

26 Oct 2018

2018 World Billiards Championship

New World Champion

Sourav Kothari has won his first World Billiards Championship with a 1134-944 victory over Peter Gilchrist in the final. Kothari follows in the footsteps of his father Manoj who won the World Amateur in 1990.

For a breakdown of World Championship prize money see here.

For all results click here.




25 Oct 2018

2018 World Women’s Championship

WLBS Banner2


The 2018¬†World Women’s Billiards Championship took place on Thursday 25th October at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds.

Defending champion Emma Bonney won her 13th World title and sixth in succession with a 329-209 win over Rebecca Kenna in the final. This was Kenna’s first foray in to billiards after a number of years on the Women’s snooker circuit.


Emma Bonney and Rebecca Kenna with final referee Chris Coumbe




This was the 21st staging of this championship; previous winners can be viewed here.

21 Oct 2018

2018 World Open


for the Jim Williamson Memorial Trophy

Saturday & Sunday 20th & 21st October 2018


The World Open took place on Saturday & Sunday 20th & 21st October 2018 at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds.

Dave Causier successfully defended the title he won last year with a 695-300 win over Peter Gilchrist in the final.

Siddharth Parikh took the high break prize with a 484 in his group match with Elvet Smith.

For all results see here.

The Challenge Cup was won by Peter Atkinson who narrowly defeated Brian Harvey 179-173 in the final.


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19 Oct 2018

2018 World Championship Qualifier

Gaye Jones, Terry Azor and Nigel Ward have qualified for the main draw of the World Championship which can be found here.

3 Oct 2018

Disability Coaching Day

The latest WDBS Disability day at Barratts in Northampton at the weekend has included English Billiards for the first time.

World Billiards head of coaching Martin Goodwill was on hand for a coaching session which was followed by a billiards tournament.

Congratulations to John Fenwick who narrowly defeated Daniel Blunn in the final to become the first ever WDBS English Billiards Champion.

The tournament had 14 entries, with the highest break of 35 being made by Daniel Blunn in the semi-finals. This was the first time Daniel had played the game.

Many thanks to Steve Starkie for being the Tournament Director.



For more information regarding WDBS please visit their website by clicking on the logo above.

21 Aug 2018

2018 Down Under Tour

Event 1 – Illawarra Open Billiards

August 31st to September 2nd, Wollongong Australia, WBL level 3, guaranteed prize pool $3600 AUD.

Full details are available here.

Event 2 РAlan Parris Memorial Christchurch Open

September 4th to 6th, Woolston Club, Christchurch NZ, WBL level 1.

Event 3¬†–¬† New Zealand Open

September 7th to 9th, Woolston Club, Christchurch NZ, WBL level 1.

20 Aug 2018

2017/18 Calendar of Events

See below for dates for 2017-18:

  2017 Event Town/City Level Pts  Status
#1 SEP 01-03 IB&SA Illawarra Open Illawarra, Australia 3 x1  Results
#2 SEP 06-09 Cashmere Christchurch City Open Christchurch, NZ 2 x0.75  Results
#3 SEP 10-13 NZBSA New Zealand Open Christchurch, NZ 2 x0.75  Results
SEP 21 WPBSA W/Billiards Coaching Course Yarraville, Australia n/a n/a  Details
OCT 20 World Championship Qualifier Leeds, England n/a n/a  Results
#4 OCT 21-22 World Open (Jim Willimson Trophy) Leeds, England 3 x1  Results
#5 OCT 23-27 LITEtask World Championship [S] Leeds, England 5 x2  Results
OCT 26 LITEtask World Women’s C’ship Leeds, England n/a n/a ¬†Results
#6 OCT 28-01 LITEtask World Championship [L] Leeds, England 5 x2  Results
#7 NOV 10-12 QBSA Queensland Open Brisbane, Australia 2 x0.75  Results
#8 DEC 02-03 LITEtask British Open Bradford, England 3 x1  Results
DEC 09-10 WPBSA W/Billiards Coaching Course Leicester, England n/a n/a  Details
#9 JAN 27-28 Scottish Open Kirkcaldy, Scotland 3 x1  Results
#10 FEB 10-11 BSASA South Australian Open Adelaide, Australia 3 x1  Results
#11 MAR 30-02 LITEtask UK Open Leeds, England 4 x1.5  Results
#12 APR 06-08 Club Marconi Sydney Open Sydney, Australia 4 x1.5  Results
#13 APR 28-29 White Roofing English Open Cambridge, England 3 x1  Results
#14 MAY 19-20 RIBSA Irish Open Carlow, Ireland 3 x1  Results
#15 MAY 21-23 European Open Carlow, Ireland 5 x2  Results
#16 JUN 02-06 Asian Grand Prix Singapore 5 x2  Results
#17 JUN 12-15 Reventon Pacific International * Melbourne, Australia 5 x2  Results
#18 AUG 18-19 HIBSF NSC Open Leeds, England 2 x0.75  Results