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George Chammas

Has represented Syria at billiards and snooker world championships.


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Charlie Lowe

Life-long billiards enthusiast who has played with many of Victoria’s best players.


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Peter Tankard

Vice-President of Billiards Australia and a keen student of the game.


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Andy DeHaan

Lateral thinker developing new methods of teaching beginners the billiards basics.


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Steve Mifsud

Has won Australian and Oceania billiards championships, and a world amateur snooker championship. Tournament high break 408.

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Damian Wilcox

Class 2 billiards referee (awaiting WPBSA approval).


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Henry Chetcuti

Class 1 billiards referee and a member of many successful billiards teams.


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Gary Oliver

Gary qualified as a WPBSA World Billiards Coach and Examiner in September 2017 (awaiting WPBSA approval).

He took up billiards at the age of 18 but had periods away from the sport of 6 & 7 years and has only played seriously since 1998. Gary has won multiple New Zealand Billiard Championships, well over 70 ranking titles within NZ and has over 500 century+ breaks in competition.

Gary has been to 6 World Championships making the last 16 three times.

Although now getting to the end of his playing days, his passion for the game means he is still trying to improve his play and wants to implant his knowledge to others within the sport. Gary has held Billiard Academies within NZ to try to lift the standard of players and promotes the game as much as possible despite the perception of it being a dying sport. As we all know youth is the answer – us oldies can’t keep playing forever!


Highest break 494

NZ Billiards Champion 2003-13, 2015.

Oceania Billiards finalist

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Jason Colebrook

Jason qualified as a WPBSA Billiards coach and examiner in September 2017.

I first picked up a cue at Monash University in 1971 (and barely attended a lecture for the next three years). Billiards hooked me from my first game – there’s something artistic and creative about it that I love.

Over the years I have had the great privilege of spending many hours with the likes of Tom Cleary, Jim Long, Robby Foldvari, David Collins, Danik Lucas, Matthew Bolton and Peter Gilchrist; and have picked up ideas, shots and suggestions from all of them. Billiards players never, ever stop learning. I regard the key to my billiards knowledge is that, from early on, I was always able to realise when I had just seen a shot for the first time, and was always prepared to approach that player after the match and ask him about it. Billiard players love to share their knowledge!

I do not claim to be a great technician or cueist, but my billiards knowledge has helped me set a Ballarat interclub record break of 228, and to win one World Ranking Event and Final of the Oceania Championships.

I particularly enjoy working with students who already have some basic knowledge of the game and who wish to improve their break building strategies by learning sequences of shots (including top-of-the-table play, and how to get there with minimal risk).

One-off lessons, just to get a few tips, are ok – but I prefer to work with a student, over a period of time, who will practice the shots and strategies we discuss.

If you are a competent cueist, then with my billiards knowledge we may just make a great team! If I feel that your technique is holding you back, I will likely refer you to another coach to work on that part of your game before we work on your billiards knowledge.

I will coach in Ballarat or Melbourne.

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Paul Leo Harris


Paul Leo Harris

Paul Leo Harris

I have played billiards, snooker and pool at club level for over 20 years, captaining some local teams.

After taking a break from competition for a few years due to work commitments I am back to rekindle my love of the three ball game !

I use a Peradon cue with a large tip.

Other than cue sports I am a history and politics graduate as well as a part time science fiction author. Now working on my first graphic novel.



Staines Snooker Handicap Competitions

Mastershots Mini League team – Newtown

Newtown League Pool Team Captain (4 years)

Comp break – 43
Practice break – 196