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Christopher Jarvis

I was born and brought up in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Left school at 18, trained for 3 years to teach French. Spent most of my teaching career in Bradford schools, working first in middle schools, and from 2000 onwards in the secondary sector. I retired as Head of Languages from a large comprehensive school in October 2014 shortly after my 55th birthday, and now live in France with my wife Maureen. We have one son, Calvin who lives and works in Leeds and is also interested in the game.

I started playing (snooker) on a friend’s 6′ table at around age 12. Through another friend whose father played billiards I discovered Eastbrook Hall Men’s Institute which had two full size tables. I joined the club and started playing billiards at the age of fourteen and soon had a regular place in one of their teams. I won the league’s individual billiards merit completion in 1975-76 age 16, and again in 2008-09 age 49. The “high point”of my billiards career on the bigger stage was losing narrowly to Ian Williamson in the Yorkshire area final of the English under 19 championship in 1977.

Teacher training forced a three/ four year break from the game from 1978, and although I played again for a few years during the 80s, it wasn’t until the mid/late 2000s that I took up the game again. I reached a relatively good standard for the local leagues, playing for Eastbrook in both the Bradford, and Pudsey Sunday School leagues, regularly making breaks in the 30s/40s and 50s, my highest league break was 62.

Following my early retirement in 2014 we sold up in Bradford, and purchased a house in France. I now practise on a 10 foot table in a room we converted in the garage (sadly just too small for a full size table!) Cue is a Craftsman ¾ jointed, hand spliced, ebony and ash , 20 oz with an 8.7mm elkmaster tip.

Steve Cowie ESM

Steve Cowie

Steve Cowie

Steve is a Scottish born Australian resident.

As a referee at both Snooker and Billiards he has an impressive record:

Women’s Final of the Australian Open Snooker 2007
IBSF World Billiards Championships Bangalore 2008
Oceania Snooker and Billiards Championships New Guinea 2009 and Sydney 2010
New Zealand National Billiards and Snooker Championships up to and including the final between 2009 and 2016.
New Zealand Open Billiards Championships up to and including the final between 2009 and 2015.

President and life Member of the Illawarra Billiards and Snooker Association Inc.
Tournament Director at many events and  TD at the 2016 Illawarra Open Billiards Championships.

Married with two children and one granddaughter.

Steve loves sailing and ocean cruising and tries to do as much of that as possible when his Billiards and Snooker commitments allow.


In 2003, as part of the Australia Day Honours celebrations Steve was awarded the Emergency Service Medal (ESM)  for 20 years Distinguished Service to the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and Marine Rescue in NSW.

Trevor Thorn

Trevor Thorn

Trevor Thorn

Trevor qualified as a WPBSA World Billiards Coach in September 2016 and can be contacted here.

Trevor, as many do, returned to billiards later in life having married and had two children.

Trevor played for Aldershot in the Southern Counties Billiard League back in the 80’s and later for England Seniors.

He made the quarter final twice in the Grand Masters and semi final once.

Trevor has a top practice break of 163 and a highest match break of 91, he plays with his fathers cue that he thinks is a Powerglide.

Having an all round interest in sport, Trevor follows Aldershot football team and is a member of Hampshire Cricket Club.

Retiring after 46 years at Southern Electric, Trevor wants to get involved in Billiard Coaching with WBL to help in getting the young involved.

Phillip Welham

Phil and Steve

Phil and Steve

Phillip started at 15, playing local League Billiards.

He has represented England 21 times, winning 7 ABC National Ranking events, 1 English National Billiards Championship (All England) and 2 English Amateur Championships.

He is a qualified WPBSA, World Billiards and EASB coach and his highest break is 408 in practice, 289 in competition.

Phillip was one of the founder members of EBOS in 2004 and is still involved with World Billiards as Head Coach of the recently announced World Billiards Coaching Scheme.

He lives in Kings Lynn and has been married to Caroline for 27 years. They have a son Bruce.  He has worked for the Royal Mail for 30 years.



James Bateman

James is a prominent Rep. Of Ireland snooker player who also has an interest in billiards.

A family man with four children he works as a sales rep  for the Duggan Steel group who are one of the biggest steel stockists in Ireland.

James Batemen

James Bateman

James plays out of the Kilkenny Snooker Shed, (nice name) and uses a Master cue with a 9mm Elkmaster tip.

His highest match break at billiards is 101 and has had a 147 (billiards) in practice.

Three of his four children are boys and they have all represented the ROI at snooker.

James was born in 1974 and has represented the ROI at both billiards and snooker.

Jason Marsh

Jason Marsh

Jason Marsh

Jason has been playing cue sports for around 10 years but does not get much spare time to practice.


He has played Snooker, 9 Ball and English Pool to date. He took up billiards about two years ago.


The first year he didn’t like the game, but then he read Martin Goodwill’s book A Snooker players guide to English Billiards, which helped him a lot.


His highest break is 62, with potting his strength but feels he needs to focus more on learning the game!

He uses a 1 piece Master Cue with a 10mm tip

Paul McGowan

Paul qualified as a WPBSA World Billiards Coach in September 2016 and can be contacted here.

Paul began playing snooker and billiards at the age of twelve and by sixteen had made hundred breaks at both games. He has won and lost  a few Scottish national title finals. Among Paul’s most satisfying wins were in the Friday night club handicap at the age of fifteen winning a family size steak pie (yum yum !).

Some of his achievements are…

Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan

  • Scottish boys billiards champion
  • Scottish Amateur billiards r/up
  • British junior billiards r/up
  • Fife county billiards champion
  • Scottish boys snooker doubles r/up
  • Scottish amateur snooker doubles r/up
  • Fife county snooker champion
  • Scottish senior 8 ball pool champion
  • Scottish senior 8 ball pool tour winner
  • World senior 8 ball pool championship player of the tournament r/up

I have been a Scottish international at billiards, snooker and 8 ball pool. I have also coached for many years on and off having qualified by Jack Karnhem and the BASCC.

Outside of cue sports Paul has interests in philately and tennis.

Jack Mclaughlin

Jack was Northern Irish Amateur snooker champion in 1983 and 1984. In 1984 he turned professional and became Irish Professional champion in 1989 beating Dennis Taylor in the final 9 frames to 4. His highest competitive break is 145 and has had three maximum breaks in practice. In Billiards, Jack’s highest break in competition is 176 and 242 in practice.

Jack started playing billiards in 2011 following a call from the N.I. team manager asking him to play for the seniors team against England in Derby.
I turned up but I couldn’t make a 20 break. I decided that I wanted to do better and continued to try to learn about the game.

He has reached the semi finals of 2 EABA ranking tournaments and the final of the UK seniors event in 2014.

My cue is nothing special – I picked it up from a rack of cues in a friend’s house. It has clearly had some surgery over the years and the make is unknown to me. I prefer an Elk master tip.

Away from billiards I am the governor of the largest prison in England with a population of 1600 men. I really enjoy my work and at times I find competing at billiards far more stressful than my job. It is a hugely frustrating game at times.

Jack plays golf regularly with his wife Lynne and concedes that he too often finish second.

I enjoy holidays with Lynne and following encouragement from Branson Hoole we have enjoyed 3 cruises. More to come we hope.

[Jack is modest about his snooker, I remember seeing him play and beat Graham Miles in Southampton many years ago. I thought then that he was a class cueist. /Roy Bacon]

Mark & Connie Stellinga

How I wish I could still play well enough to participate in tournaments. I’d always been only a pocket billiards player, and my days as true contender were short lived as I was unable to travel to compete due to financial constraints. Freshly married and then quickly becoming a father kept me from competing outside the area in which we lived. Other than for once finishing second due to my scratching after dropping the winning shot. I did win every competition I ever entered, including collegiate, city, state and sanctioned national venues when they were held in or near our area. Like Brando said, “I could have been a contender.” :-)

Taking a shot in the dark, my reason for joining your site is to hopefully establish contact with one or two other avid billiard collectibles enthusiasts, such as Roger Davies (?). My wife, Connie, and I wrote the book called, “Pool & Billiard Collectibles.” I’m currently working to gather enough information on the evolution of the billiard cue to write a small book on the subject. We have a sizeable collection of pre-1900 cues, and recently completed revamping an 1880s wall unit display case in which to house it. We’re looking to add a few more (preferably pre-1900) trophy-quality and marquetry examples to our collection. Over the past few years we have privately disposed of approximately 1,200 early cues, most of which were highly collectible duplicates. We have very few duplicates left, but will likely sell them as well to help us afford the type that I mentioned we’re now hunting for. We need about 20 more “special” early cues to finish filling the 180-cue display case. One of our most prized possession is the world championship trophy cue, heavily adorned with extraordinary marquetry, that was last won by Claude Falkiner in Australia in 1934.
We have pieces that date back to the 1500 and 1600’s, with which to compose a somewhat comprehensive manuscript depicting the evolution of the cue, but are looking to purchase a few more before we attempt it. Of course, even high quality images of meaningful 15th to 19th century mace and cue examples would be a great help to my project.
Admittedly, I’m not your typical applicant, but thanks for your hospitable opportunity nevertheless. I was merely guessing that I might find a few fellas with spirits kindred to ours within your organization.

FYI – I’m 65, and we live in Tiffin, Iowa. In addition to our BIG book on billiard collectibles, I’ve written 21 other books.

Here are our 2 sites –
Writer of Books
Billiard Antiques

BTW – Our collectibles book, signed by us, is available at both of these sites, as well as on ebay – (search billiardcues)
Mark & Connie Stellinga

Steve Stokes

Steve Stokes

Steve Stokes

I have just started playing billiards, and really just can;t get enough, only wish I started sooner.

I am Yorkshire born and bred but now reside in Cheshire. I am 53 years old, I have 2 children with my wife Julie to which I have been married for 22 years.